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Three for Three!

2 PAX, Big Tuna & Transporter, joined me today for the three-headed monster.



Mosey from COT, around Chipotle and back up to the Turf at Ted’s for IW X 15, Planks/6″ Planks (really slow 10 second Merkins X 5), Up/Down Dog, Runner’s stretch…


Mosey to fountain for 25 X wall jump-ups or Step Ups, lap around block and repeato. We did 25 X Irkins with hands on the wall X 2 sets then staggered squats (other leg on the wall) X 20 each leg X 2 and finished with 20 X  Derkins with feet on the wall X 2 sets.

Big Tuna and I Mary while Transporter goes for a short trip to the port-a-jon aka Hilton Garden Inn-Waverly then mosey to the traffic circle for 7’s.

Using traffic circles as end points start with 1 burpee and go to the other circle for 6 BBSU, 2:5…..6:1.

Sprint (for some. I couldn’t due to a hammy thing I’m dealing with that I don’t want to re-injure) back to last traffic circle and then mosey back to COT. Big Tuna is Fast!


Thanks to Big Tuna and Transporter for coming out today. At 5:27 I was thinking it would be my first no-show day but they came through. Transporter slowly coming back from injury (but you really can’t tell from seeing him work) and Big Tuna showing up to play in a “Big” way made for a great workout.


Q School Tomorrow

Rooster on March 13h

YHC took us out with a prayer

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