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Cool Kids @ Q School

(Disclaimer, Cell Phone, CPR, Safety)

#Warm Up
Minimal warm-up given the different objectives of the day but we did break a sweat.

#The Thang

Very informative session and revealed many things I was not previously aware of. The material covered will be super helpful for all those that have not lead a workout yet.

– Cadence and leading an exercise in cadence discussion. Not as easy as you might think.
– From here we went through several scenarios and workout options
– Picking up the 6
– Leading the pax when you aren’t in the lead (very relevent for me)
– Planning your workout
– Scouting and reconnaissance of the AO

HUGE Kudos to Chastain and his sidekicks Fuse, Paper Jam, and One Star and for putting on a great Q School.
F3 has made a huge difference in many areas of my life (physical, emotional, spiritual) and you can’t ask for a better group of men to hang out with.

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