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If I were Q

(Disclaimer, Cell Phone, CPR, Safety)

-Warm Up

We all took turns with messing up cadence workouts.

-The Thang

Chastain went over the common short comings of us new Qs. Remember to plan out your Q, be prepared for an on the go audible, always start on time and end on time. Many other useful tips were given.


Dang …If y’all didn’t know Fuse can run faster than you think at least at the beginning of a workout.Very good job of keeping the mood light in showing us what not to do. However I will be including a partner carry crawlbear in my next Q. Thanks to Chastain for the on point guidance in ever portion of the Q from the warmups, to helpful ideas on how to run a good workout, and how to wrap up everthing INCLUDING THE FAMILY PHOTO!!!!

I am thankful that Loafer introduced me to F3. My first workout was in September or so of 2020 and I can honestly say it has helped me in many ways. Thanks to all those behind the scenes that put in the hours to make this F3 thing work!



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