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What I (really) learned at Q School

20 of us gathered for a entertaining workout/lecture series.  Most were anxious to prove their mettle and perhaps attempt to hijack the Q – looking at you One Star 😉 – to show how much they already knew.  Some were just plain anxious or were trying to make everyone else feel better by pretending not to know how to count in cadence! Chastain did his best to wrangle the rowdy crew, God bless you sir!

 The Warm Up

This turned out to be the bulk of the workout.  Chastain rattled off more disclaimers than I realized existed, and we then took turns leading one exercise IN CADENCE to a 5 count.  Everyone seemed to go brain-dead, as we struggled to come up with more than 3 distinct exercises, and we had a hard time counting to 5 at some points.  I should note that this section may need to be renamed, as there was much more standing around than actually warming up.  You did your best to keep us moving Chastain!

The Thang

Fuse Box “led” us to the front of the school where we did some partner work, modeled a bunch of bad behavior for the kids, and talked at length about how to put together a Weinke, kill time, and avoid big mistakes when learning to Q.  As mentioned earlier, lots of Q jacking going on, lots of ideas for exercises, and a lot more standing around.  We then ended up at COT, where there was lots more standing around and instruction.  After that was a graduation ceremony and if it weren’t for COVID I’m sure there would have been lots of hugs to go around as well.

10 Things I learned at Q-School (Moleskin)

  1. How to do the Pickle Pounder
  2. Fusebox can run like he was shot out of a cannon when he wants to
  3. You should visit your site at least 5 times during different hours of the day to get a feel for the site before Qing
  4. Don’t wear shorts to Q-School when the temp is below 40
  5. Weinke’s can be used as toilet paper in an emergency situation
  6. Chastain still gets nervous before each Q (likely due to not visiting the site frequently enough ahead of time)
  7. Coffeteria is just a bait and switch – there’s no actual coffee served after a frigid morning of standing around!
  8. Apparently these backblasts are not optional – never would have known 😉
  9. There are a lot of great guys out there ready to pitch in and help lead this exponentially expanding region
  10. I think I’ve dodged Q-ing for about as long as I can and am getting extremely close to being voluntold!

All in all, it was definitely helpful, and fun time meeting some new guys and sharing some laughs.  Well done Chastain, thanks for all the hard work!

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