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Where Did Fuse Box Go?? Q-School March 6, 2021

20 PAX were in attendance for my first F3 Q-School at the cold Cuthbertson Middle School parking lot. With Chastain in the lead, we went through the DICCS and they were explained. I liked the fact that there was a “no question is a stupid question” disclaimer! Comfort was granted right from the start…Little did I know Fuse Box was lurking in the group of PAX.


The Warm-Up – If we were not in Q-School after the DICCS we would normally go to a mosey to circle up for the warm-up. The PAX all circled up at the start and we were taught about the correct way to count the exercises. Each PAX had to pick an exercise in cadence count to perform front and center. That is where I was able to ask my first stupid question.


The Thang – And they’re off!! Normally this would have been in the Warm-Up but, Fuse Box took off like a gazelle like he was being chased by a lion! I was impressed, I didn’t know the young guy could go that fast. We were then schooled at the correct way to lead the PAX to the warm-up and to circle up and lead. After the circle-up, we preformed exercises at the front of the Middle School. We spoke of the different exercises one could use, use of partners (partner carry was put aside for Covid-19) and other ideas one could use. In this area of the backblast, I might also list the exercises such as:

  • Starfish in parking lot to include 5 burpees in the middle – 10 Merkins, etc.
  • 20 Heals To Heaven
  • 20 Dips
  • 20 Donkey kicks

With no time remaining, we jail broke back to the start. Of course, Fuse Box was the first one back to the start – what a gazelle!

Circle up back at the start and count off. Any Friendly New Guys??


The Moleskin – What a great Q School! Thanks to Chastain, Fuse Box and the rest of the veterans who helped out today! I felt we ALL learned a ton today. Including the all important DICCS, the correct way to count and use cadence, how NOT to run ahead – leave no man behind, and the correct way to LEAD a successful Q. I just signed up this morning to Q at Flash on April 5th…let’s see if I learned anything!


Announcements – Any announcements from the group? Name the FNG’s if any. Chastain did take us out with a genuinely nice poem. Normally the Q takes us out. Chastain recorded the Nameorama on his cell phone. Frozen, we took the “Family Photo” and I had to run off to go to work!

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