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Records Being set at Bushwood!

While we have been noticing temps rising during the day and afternoons, I woke up this morning to a text from Fiji with a screen capture saying 34 degrees with flurries! NO way I thought, but dressed accordingly.

Left the house, rolled up to MES and saw the Mashers getting set up, heard some bumpin music in the SUV to left and thought, this is gonna be good. There were only a few cars when YHC arrived, but they kept pouring in one after another…Looking around, we could tell this was a serious headcount for B-wood, but we took it in stride.. DICCS set, Cranked up some warm weather tunes, Lets Mosey..


slightly longer Mosey to get the legs warmed up, although still jacked up counts

  • SSH 18 IC
  • Low Slightly faster than slow Squats with arms back to stretch 18ct
  • MNC 18IC
  • Potato pickers 18IC
  • Runners Stretch


Mosey to Turkey Hunt for a Paula Abdul: 5 Merkins, then 10 LBCs at the driveways, Mary at the end for the 6, then repeat back.

Head to the secret trail doing 5 speed skaters 2=1 at the driveways while I face the PAX to make sure they do em correct..Recalc, may need to set up a video to show these guys how to do these properly… Trust me, do’em right and you will feel it! Hit the trail, head behind school to the Coupon book.

With Coupon, Pax Circle up, 2 exercises, then run larger lap.

  • Rd 1. 18 Shoulder raises / 27 Tri ext –> Lap
  • Rd. 2 Chest Press 27 / Hernias –> Lap
  • Rd. 3 Curl 27 / Thrusters 18 –> Lap
  • Rd. 4 Bent over rows 27 / Big Boy SU with thruster 18 –> Lap
  • Rd. 5 1-2-3 18 / Am Hammers 18 (thanks One Star and Long Haul)

Rifle carry coupon back to pile, then head to COT.

few seconds left, so had the typical Bushwood Finally with the Fiji Fast feet merkin..


Well, every week we are seeing more and more PAX and FNG’s come out to bushwood. I think the Firethorne Crew sits at the Bar Shaming recruiting patrons.. Or they have a Hustle going down on the course.

As always its a great time heading this crew and awesome to see the growth at this AO and Waxhaw in General.. The small group that met here during the early days of Covid has seen significant growth.

YHC wanted to change up the music theme from the typical 80’s hairband to the smooth vibes of Cali-Roots Reggae- definitely a different sound.

Sadly, I saw sneak peek at a BB that was never able to be shared last week from the Body Shop where a certain QIC had to audible to the fields to talk to a man about a horse. During the Warmup, I heard/Saw said PAX pull out some TP and say, “i’m coming prepared for now on..” There is no Rudy’s shed at Bushwood, and the clubhouse does not take kindly to the degenerates in cutoff collared shirts, there is a $#*+’s Creek though!

I know YHC doesn’t make too many friends when it comes to coupon work, but we at Bushwood feel an all around workout is what sets us apart. Had a few grunts and rumblings of mutiny during shoulder raises, Hernias and BG raises, but overall you will thank me.

Speaking of Hernias: this is now added to the Exicon.. some how I have noticed certain Pax/Q’s have signature stylings.. J-woww’s flavor of the month Merkin, Das – Arod Pickle Pounder …… Some things are now to be expected.

Seems like we have been getting weekly FNG’s and this week is no different. Welcome Tyler Turnbull –Flo. Hes the latest sucker Pax from Firethorne who, Get this, was waiting for it to get warmer to come out! Newsflash, still flippin cold. Smuggler is the culprit, and Tyler deals with insurance (bonds, but who cares when naming), Hence Flo,  He is from Ohio, OSU and is a runner.

With the 4 mashers, we piled up to 23 Pax!!!! This caused a little bottleneck on the Abduls, but awesome to see these numbers growing. If you haven’t been to this site, get you butt out here. Its a bit of a change up from the others.


  • Rooster this Saturday
  • Commitment will be AO to head to if you are not at the Rooster
  • Long Haul on Q at b-wood next week
  • Friday Last Call AO at MRHS 6am start
  • Appetizer at Rea View C3pO on Q—This is a freat 2.0 workout and has been growing also.
  • CPR class getting set up by Surge.


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