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Rooster Warm-Up

Some idiot (YHC) had the idea to converge at Cuthbertson campus to do a pre-Rooster warm-up just to see where they were at for times on the mile runs. 4 poor souls came out to join me and this is what went down…

Warmed up with a short mosey around the stadium parking lot and did stretching OYO for a few minutes as we strategized how we would simulate the runs since we all had places to be and couldn’t do the full run a mile, wait for 4 others to run their mile in sequence and then run a mile together so we decided to run each mile “together” and then rest a few minutes and run the next and then the next.  We chose the Ignition Mile so Chastain could get his coveted “local legend” in Strava. Three of us ended with 3 miles and two of us ended after 4. You’ll need to check Strava to find out who is who but we all pushed it to the limits and got in some good cardio.

Mumble Chatter:

Brutus and Chastain have a really close relationship that makes some of us uncomfortable. But that’s ok and to each their own…



Go out and have that uncomfortable conversation with whomever it is you need to have that conversation. Get that monkey off your back and don’t let it fester inside.

Bottle Cap took us out


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