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WTF!? – In Due Time…

5 PAX converged at Walnut Creek to scope out the next path to stupidity for the Waxhaw and surrounding regions.  Between now and May 1st you will see more on this subject but until then, you’ll just have to hang on.

Kid Rock, Glidah, Wolverine, Dasher and YHC ran from the tennis courts at Walnut Creek via the Carolina Thread Trail at a scary-fast pace (for me at least) and turned around at the Suspension Bridge on the SC/NC border to return to Walnut Creek. All were present and accounted for at the end.  I feel obligated to point out that most of us completed the entire route while one of us took a short cut (you know who you are…)

Pre-Blast for the event will be coming soon and you will feel both excitement and dread (not necessarily in that order or in equal amounts) when you see what we have planned.


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