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Your safety is important but not my responsibility so be careful



Mosey around the block back to COT

SSH x 10

Squats x 10

SSH x 15

Merkin x 15

SSH x 20

Plankjack x 20


The Thang

Mosey over the the side road by the apartment complex

Down and back 5 times with 20 v-up at one end and 20 BB at the other.

Every time you pass the bottom of the hill 5 burpees

The pax members that finished first got to keep going until the 6 was done.  I believe some got 6.5 rounds in.

Watch out Zin and Recalc, Smithers might be gunning for you jobs.  Surprising the BB were pretty tough at the end.

Easy Button had a good idea, if you make Ice9 spill merlot or his sounds you get a badge.  Deflated????

Thanks for the push Ice 9

Mosey to the main street for 5 more rounds

10 step ups run 1/2 the block stop at COT for 40 single count J-Lo’s.  I was only going to do 20 but some guys were complaining and Ice yells out 40 so we went with it.

Baio and Schneider crushed this part.

Finished at COT for 23 IC burpees

Pretty simple and effective beat down.


Welcome FNG Kendra (Josh).  He flips houses and Kendra is a HGTV house flipper.   Deadwood hit his Q1 quota.

If we all had a dollar for every time we heard NO from a certain Pax member.

It’s been good to have Dana back out in the gloom.

Good luck Chatter in the Rooster Run



May 1st WTF (Waxhaw Trail Fest) CSAUP.

Pre-blast on GM and sign up on GM.





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