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Say Hello to My Little (cinderblock) Friend

2 cinder blocks and 18 PAX emerged from the fartsack for another day in Body Shop Paradise. Posse nearly ran us over on the way in – then again he drives a Prius, so we probably would have done more damage to that little thing. Smuggler, McGee and a few others joining in late were thoroughly confused to see everyone playing rock-scissors-paper as we split up into two teams. Two rules for the remainder of the workout:

  1. You must stick with your team while completing called exercises
  2. One member of the team must always be carrying a cinder block

Warmup: mosey to basketball court for 5 burpees. One lap around small track, 10 mountain climbers on the basketball court. Mosey to teacher’s parking lot for 20 merkins, run loop around the lot, then close out with 15 american hammers. This block is heavier than I remember…

Main Event: Capture the Flag Cone: Set up three stations from one side of parking lot to the other. Each pax must complete exercises at each station with cinder block before proceeding to next station. Teams must communicate and share the cinder block. Upon finishing the final station, sprint back to the other end of parking lot. Fastest pax grabs the cone. First team to grab the cone wins the round! It’s not the fastest or strongest team that win, but the one that communicates most effectively. 

Exercises at each cone:

  • 5 burpees
  • 20 squats
  • 15 mountain climbers
  • 20 squats
  • 20 merkins
  • 20 squats

After each round winning team completes one exercise, losing team completes one exercise. Round 1: 10 Mike Tysons/20 Carolina Dry Docks. Round 2: 20 big boy situps/20 LBC’s. Round 3: 30 LBC’s/30 Monkey Humpers. Assortment of mary between each round and before CoT.

T-claps/Truth Nuggets

  • Solid work by Team McGee and Team Posse. It’s incredible to me how much more we push each other when we’re competing towards a common goal. Consider these totals across the different exercises that each pax completed: 5o burpees, 135 mountain climbers, 200 merkins, 540 squats. This. is. nuts.
  • Really neat to see the teams adapt and improvise as each round went on. I think the strategy session between rounds helped. Despite getting blown out in the first round our team McGee rallied to get our act together for the final 2 rounds. Loved seeing how we worked more as a team to communicate when we could step in and relieve the person with the block. Would love to hear more from Team Posse in the chatter, as I was wrapped up in trying to keep up with my own team!
  • Waterboy and The Juice gave it their all for our team, absolutely gassed at the end of the third round. I still remember the first workout with The Juice – you’ve come a long way.
  • McGee backed up his unending mumblechatter with a rock solid performance. I’m not sure if he really broke a sweat during this workout. Loved seeing you and Smuggler put it all out there with the final sprints.
  • Fredo I needed the push from you in between rounds to keep going strong. Thanks for challenging me to not limit myself.
  • Very impressed by Young Blood NameTag and Herschel. They kept up and even led the pack at times. I told Herschel that it took me about 30 years to get to the point that I could keep up with these workouts.
  • Let’s take a moment to appreciate Posse’s pink (camo?) running tights
  • I brought out the cinder block to not only add weight to the workout, but to share a life lesson during COT. The cinder block represents the anxieties, the pressures, the struggles that we shoulder as broken men in a fallen world. Too often I believe the lie that I need to carry these weights alone rather than acknowledging them and graciously inviting others to carry them with me. I fall into the trap of believing I’m the only one carrying such a weight. When in reality, every man I surround myself with is facing similar, albeit different struggles. Just as the key to success in the Capture the Cone challenge was proactive communication, we succeed as men when we acknowledge our struggles and invite others into them in a gracious and loving way.
  • Through sharing the block, we acknowledge that we are not alone. We acknowledge that we cannot tackle our challenges alone. The block becomes an opportunity to lead, to serve and to be served. We follow the example of the greatest servant who carried the ultimate weight so that we might be freed to lead, and freed to serve.
  • Announcements: Rooster Race Saturday at 6:00 a.m. Teams still needed. Rice n beans service opportunities each week, chat more with Centerfold. Church on the Streets first Sunday of each month. Saturday morning SOB convergence at Stonehenge (no Da Vinci).
  • Thanks Das Boot, Centerfold and Boitano for your leadership of this site. As an SOB regular, I always cherish the opportunity to lead and kick it with the Waxhaw faithful.

midriff out

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