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Did ONE leave to his STAR?

Well, again, this question has not been answered during the workout, but One Star has not been seen. It could be that it was already dawn (which is unusual for me – but that’s the perk of going to Last Call!) and therefore we could not see him anymore taking off…(pun intended). Meaning, his recruiting skills – or better: voluntelling skills – to Q’ing are outstanding. Or, maybe he was just scared of what is coming, after I Q’d Wednesday already. Because of that, I informed everybody that they can expect a slightly modified “repeat”. After Waterboy told us that the donkey kicks on Wednesday gave some nightmares where he would fall on his face while doing donkey kicks, I immediately thought: “how can I include more of them?”  In total we were 11 PAX – some I did not see before! – and enjoyed the little bit warmer weather.


We started right on time with a short Mosey up the parking lot circled up and did the absolute Waxhaw classics: Side-straddle hops (counting in German, on request of missing One Star), Moroccan night clubs, imperial walkers, Mountain Climbers – each 15 times. This time I added 10 merkins and the order might not have been the same. Then some calf and runners stretching, upward dog and downward dog… nothing out of the ordinary!

The Thang

From the warmup circle moseying to the main entrance of the high school, asked the PAX to team up… One should run around the island (middle lane) while the other is doing exercises. First low slow squats, then derkins, lunges and J Lo’s. Repeat! I told them to repeat until I say recover.  I’m not repeating the same sentence from my lase backblast… Basically: don’t use your brain and waste energy counting! Some thought “great, my brain can have a break!” others thou… couldn’t thin… well, we are not going into details here…

Indian Run to the picnic area – just to include 20 donkey kicks for more nightmares! The Indian Run was not well known, so there was some confusion on what to do, how fast to go, who has to overtake,… Next time I will make sure to explain this better as well… Then along the path to the next parking lot (end of path). Repeat the same thing from Wednesday: Partner up with 3 – which is difficult if you are 11 PAX total… Now, an in-depth explanation followed, as I learned my lesson from Wednesday and wanted to avoid confusion. 1 Team member stays where we are and makes an exercise, 2 are running to the entrance of the school, one stays there and makes an exercise, the other goes back to the first location and tags the first team member,… not too difficult, if it is well explained… Exercises were: Dips and Heels to Heaven at the School entrance, bobby hurleys and big boys at the beginning of the path. Repeat! Some PAX used the mosey to relax, slow down, chat and laugh… My initial thought was: they are going to pay for this with burpees! But on a beautiful Friday morning, I showed mercy… And I want to win the Rooster tomorrow… selfish me…

Because it was so nice, we tried the Indian Run again to the back entrance of the High School – and to my astonishment as I was expecting, the PAX are clever, fast learning people and it was a success! Team up again! One partner is doing exercises, one is bear-crawling across half the parking lot, running to the end and running backwards back to the partner. Exercises were: Dips, speed skaters, merkins, Freddie Mercuries. Repeat!

Mosey back in direction of COT, stop at one of the side entrances for 30 shoulder presses and some more nightmare donkey kicks (20)… sleep well! Hahaha… Mosey to the hill at the parking lot, wait for the 6 with American Hammers and finish strong with a jailbreak to COT.


Although it was late on a Friday morning, there was not much to talk about. Maybe everyone was confused with me counting in German, or they had to figure out how this da** Indian Run works, or they were just happily looking forward to a beautiful Friday and the upcoming weekend! Who knows… maybe they were just focused on looking for that One Star which might be still visible up in the sky taking off…

My takeaway is definitely: Q’ing is not terrible, especially when you can do 2 similar workouts within 3 days… and if you have great and supporting PAX like we have at F3! Thank you!


  • Asylum – Monday 5:15. Fuse Box put the challenge out: 100 burpess, unless there is an FNG (-30 burpees), a new face at Asylum (-30) or a PAX who has not worked out this year (-30) show up. Great idea! What they did not mention is, that the time will “spring forward” over the weekend…
  • Rooster is tomorrow – Go “Schnitz and Giggles”!

Thank you, Flanders, for the closing prayer!

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