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Questionable reading material

5 PAX showed for some Marvin Miles, wait, one more is driving in as the PAX left, so hold up and now leave with 6. Six ran through Marvin and continued to question Bunker’s reading and viewing material as he prepares for running The Grand Canyon next month with several other PAX. When a couple of failed attempts is the most positive result he’s finding, it’s definitely worth reconsidering your plans — or at least updating your will before heading out. They also don’t have a place to stay yet so it might end being a multi-day situation worse than BRR. Turkey Leg is about to taper for the Chesapeake Marathon, which probably isn’t the Shamrock Marathon, and he’ll hopefully have high recommendations for his chiropractor soon. Frasier took it easy today before the ultra division at The Rooster tomorrow, while Bratwurst and YHC enjoyed the run before heading home to hear from our teens about how we’re cruelly forcing them to miss virtual Friday to take the pre ACT.  (Channel Allen Iverson and “Practice?!”). And Gold Digger has figured out this fatherhood thing, but graciously listens to advice from others who would likely admit feelings of great inadequacy in this area, especially at the early months when mom does all the work and not just most of it.


Good times in Marvin.

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