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Rooster 2021

First, hats off to PAX from Fort Mill and others that organized this event.  And all the effort and fun that went into preparing and competing locally.  We initially thought we need to go defend our Rooster Championship from last year, but that evolved into something bigger and much better.  We had 25+ guys interested in the race and we ended up registering 5 Waxhaw Teams!  Of course we created the “Rooster Smack Talk” channel (which I opened FIRST every time I checked into GM).  Oh yeah, and the teams were very evenly divided, regardless the mumble chatter I was hearing out there right after the race:)

We race prepped, we smack talked, we over packed that morning, we had a SOLO STOVE (was the bomb), we had great weather and our team showed up on time, we prayed together.  It was a good day.

Props to all the PAX I saw out there pushing harder than I have ever saw before.  And congrats to the overall champions, the Ultra Team, Thin Mint and Frasier, who made it look easy to kick our butts.

Of course, I have to mention my Pursuit boys.  When I asked my Pursuit group if they would be interested, they were instant yes and we never looked back.  I’ve really enjoyed getting to know these guys better during our workouts, very good dudes.  They are very supportive of me and I reciprocate that all that I can, which makes this world a little better place.  Ghosted wanted to run first, I think he wanted to get it over asap, especially when he learned more about the race details.  You see, he thought he only had to run 2 miles, once on his own and once with the team.  But at this point it was too late to change his mind, he was committed.  And I didn’t get to time everyone, but I was watching his time because I ran after him and wanted to know when to expect him, don’t you know he clocked in the 6:40’s.  He def has more in reserve than we sometimes at workouts.  No doubt he turned it up for us at Rooster.  Plus he was vocal and raising money during the event, he did so well, he had to increase his goal (much to the support from F3 pax).  Foot Long and RoboCall are good buddies and were a great addition to the team and our F3 Waxhaw group.  Both ran amazing fast times and had strong kicks to finish, just like Ghosted.  RoboCall showed us who he was when he had to run back to back miles at the finish and he ran the second mile faster than the rest of us could run 1:)  Schedule C surprised me the most, only because I had not ran that much with him before.  He really enjoys rucking and that clearly pays off and translates to being a strong runner too.   Thanks RoboCall for bringing the Solo Stove, that was a nice touch.  It has been great getting to know you guys better, you can call on this brother anytime and I will be there for you.

Great comradery by all today.  Thank you to the Waxhaw team captains.  Great job to all the FIA ladies that ran too.  A few notable shout outs … Rubbermaid always impresses me, he runs forever and apparently pretty dang fast too when he wants to.  Thanks for the donut and bringing the girls out.  Bottlecap and Glidah keep getting better and faster, no limits there.  Kid Rock brought his white marker board which I totally predicted and when he learned Twinkle Toes was a no show, he tried recruiting some of the fastest dudes in WXW, but I shut that crap down immediately:)  Sledge-O-Matic, come on, words can’t explain what that guy is accomplishing, so inspiring, keep going dude!  CarbLoad, he is on BC and Glidah’s heels, you keep going too man!  Thank you Posse for your pre-race checklist, you are all in!  For Christmas, lets all get Banjo a Garmin so he won’t get lost before his next race.  And so many other PAX that was out there working hard and encouraging each other, I apologize for all of you that I missed in this BB.  Oh yeah, maybe next year Chastain and BC will get even shorter shorts so they can keep up with Team Pursuit!

Signing up for a race is one of the best things you can do for yourself if you want to push to another level of fitness.  Leading up to the race, you will hold yourself more accountable, you will have more focus, you will train harder and you can do it in an incredibly supportive environment of F3 brothers to help push you.  Signing up is the easy part, next time you have the chance, just do it.  You will not regret it and you cannot lose, because it’s really just creating a better version of you.

Quick plug for Pursuit … yes, it’s an hour of running, once a week.  You want to get faster, have more endurance, then come join us.  No man left behind applies at Pursuit too.  So what are you waiting for, make it part of your weekly routine.

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