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Come Meet My Friend Mike Tyson…

For my 67th Q, I’m in the great state of FL with the family for a tour of the Southeast of the US of freaking A. When we took a tour of the NE earlier this year I put in the Covid-19lbs with nearly 4 weeks of zero posting. Trying to avoid that this round I made sure to mentally commit to posting regardless of distance.

A cinderblock workout Tuesday and Wednesday mornings was a welcomed change since I was walking 25,000 steps a day all over Disney parks. However it was mentioned during announcements they need a Saturday Q. I can do that…

Not sure what these guys do or don’t like but I promised no cinderblocks and a “usual” bootcamp with a touch of Waxhaw, NC. It’s fun to Q an AO you haven’t posted at before. Just some Google aerial maps and creativity…

6ft DiCCS given. Say that again? We are all children and a helpful disclaimer to assist with safety overview is a great way to start your morning.

• 6ft – reminder to keep yo distance!

• Di – the usual F3 disclaimer

• C – Cellphone on a pax in case of an emergency

• C – CPR, who knows it?

• S – Safety, are we crossing any roads? Anything to be aware of?

And it’s 7am, I immediately say “let’s mosey…” to which a pax responds “oh wow, we are already running…” This could be interesting.


Good mosey around the lake to get the blood flowing. Time for some warm up:

1. 20 x SSH IC

2. 20 x Imperial Walker IC

3. 10 x Morroccan Night Club IC

4. 20 x Deep Slow Squats IC

5. Jimmy Dugan

6. Calf Stretch

7. Can Opener

Time to mosey to large lot about 100yards away. I turn to look back and only 3 of the 5 pax are behind me. Should we circle back? What happened? I’m told let’s just keep going. A few minutes goes by. I’m Al Goring with the French man without pants and we decide to mosey back. We see one pax and then we see another pax. I’m still not entirely clear what happened but I’m told it was a a bad knee and someone caught a lake brown trout.

We regroup and we are back in the parking lot. Line up across the stretch for the always dreadful but important demon, Mike Crawl Webb. The combination of Mike Tysons and Bear Crawls is just brutal. You start with 1 x MT and 4 x BCs. Then multiply for 10 total rounds, finishing off at 10 x MTs and 40 x BCs. It’s an shoulder roaster but a great gauge of where you are. Did you have to take a break in round 5? Can you make it to rd6 without stopping next week? You vs You.

Time to give the shoulders a rest. Mosey towards Ruckus Cycles. Team up. P1 runs a lap around the parking island and P2 does the exercise:

• 100 x Big Boy Situps

• 100 x Bomb Jacks

• 100 x Monkey Humpers

Line up on your 6. Around the horn for 10-20 reps of whatever each pax calls for abs.

Mosey to main road for some Paula Abdul. Up two lights, 20 x Speedskaters. Back one light, 5 x burpees. The group started to look tired by this point but everyone dug a bit deeper.

Closing in on time so we mosey to the square by the lake. Time for some Compass! A mixture of degrees, keeping a tight plank and some Merkins, plank jacks and 6” plank jacks. More mosey…

20 steps ups, 10 per leg and a final mosey back to COT. As I ask everyone to get on their 6 I’m asked for a 10 count. I got one better – a 4 minute Have A Nice Day! Threw out 2 challenges at the 2min mark:

• CPR Class – During the 2nd C in the opening DiCCS no one raised a hand that had recent CPR training. Time for someone to step up for the pax to host a training!

• 2.0 Friendly Evening Workouts! Our Tuesday and Thursday evening workouts, 530-615pm, have grown in the last few months. These are less than serious workouts but great opportunities for the kids to get the ya-yas out! Added bonus, the wifey gets some solo time to breathe…

And that’s time!!


The workout went as planned and I appreciate the 5 of that joined me for the post. I was told that a couple guys bailed due to the possibility of running. We got 2.5mi in across the full 60mins workout with no more than small pops of running. Don’t be shy next time and modify as needed.

It was a great morning all round and I throughly enjoyed the 60 degrees to boot. I can’t even imagine the temps in the peak of summer and I’m sweating thinking about it now.

Thanks again for the opportunity to lead and I will see you all the next time I’m in town. Until then please open sites closer to Disney so I don’t have to do the 35min commute again….

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