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Well, That Was Interesting

8 brave men, excited to leave the confines of Cuthbertson, joined YHC on a short trip to what the old school Lawson guys refer to as the “other side”


Warm Up:

Run a mile along Cuthbertson, Five Forks to the bottom of Great Rd.  At every light pole on Great Rd. 10 merkins, next light 10 plank jacks, repeat until done.


Great Hill

10 Mike Tysons, run backwards up hill to first light pole, 15 Mary Catherines

back to start 10 MTs, to second light 15 Bomb Jacks

back to start 10 MTs, run backwards to third light 15 Mary Catherines

back to start 10 MTs, then run all the way up to Five Forks rd, 15 Bomb Jacks


To This Is Ignition hill

At the top 15 merkins, at bottom 15 jump squats. Repeat 3 times, on the way down the hill, 15 Mountain climbers.

LBCs, 30 Heels to Heaven


rD klaweniP  

At the top 15 Jump tucks, at bottom 15 HR merkins -Run backwards up the hill –Complete 2 times


Surveyor General Dr. Merkinfest

After we moseyed to the Lawson baby pool, we ran down the street.

At every lightpole, 10 wide arm merkins, next lightpole 10 stagger merkins (R), next lightpole 10 stagger merkins (L), next lightpole 10 Diamond merkins -Did that over 8 lightpoles, then switched it up to Mary Catherines for the last two.


5 miles in our sights

Took the shortcut through the other side, up the path and to the closest alcove

10 Heels to Heaven, 20 incline merkins, 30 plank jacks, 40 donkey kicks-run to end of path and back.

Again but drop the donkey kicks-run around lot

Again but drop plank jacks-run through both parking lots

50 donkey kicks to close us out.



I’m not really sure what all happened but it was definitely interesting this morning.  Lost 1 to injury,  1 to some busted shins, almost lost 2 more to dehydration issues/alone time, and somehow ended up waking up part of Lawson by chanting.  Knew that I’d be able to put the pedal to the metal on this Q as everyone out there today was fast. Real fast so that there was very little circling back and little down time.   Ended up being a basic and likely recycled/stolen Q but when you have a competitive group of guys like we had, it doesn’t really matter what you end up doing.  I think scrapping the traditional warm up worked (all the issues above were obviously unrelated). Who knows though, maybe doing 10 IWs would have changed EVERYTHING.   Until next time.

Hurry-I looked into it and you may be right that 30 plank jacks on slippery benches are likely not a good idea moving forward. Especially 55 min into a workout.  Oops.

Bottlecap-QOD “Headlamps don’t really help when running backwards”   True.

Baio-silent assassin is always lurking right near the front, is quiet on his feet and may actually talk during the workout, but like me gets drowned out by the louder pax.

Gerber-Group Me demands pics!! It was sadly a short stay this morning.  Need to get creative and name that fence though.

Dasher-Loves him some merkins. Might have done a few of those today.  Was showing up the younger guys and had a little pep in his step this morning after all those trail miles he’s been putting in lately.

Easy Button-After much reflection, reluctantly took the blame for Gerber’s injury by not offering up his bathroom at 5:30 in the morning and making it super awkward for his family, instead forcing Gerber run a mile to the bathroom.  Tried to make up for it by allowing Transporter to use his hose for some water.  Too little too late.   

Transporter-Guy was thirsty this morning.  Too many honey do items over the weekend will do it every time.

Ice 9-Definitely not enough group counting going on today for Ice.  Likely upset as he somehow couldn’t mess up counting for a guy who, on video, can’t even count to 40 correctly.    


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