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Rain rain didn’t go away…

DICCS covered, all good except Posse doesn’t like being asked for the time more than once

Mosey to covered area by the school bus lot.

Imperial walkers, potato pickers, 6″ plank, mountain climbers, calf stretch (from the pax that blew out both of them in 2020).  Should we stay under cover?  NOPE…needed a little mileage.

Mosey to neighborhood across the road.

Driveways on right to the cul-de-sac, alternating speed skaters & bobby h’s.  Comment (mad dog) made about how glorious it was be to stay off the ground with the stated exercises.

On way back, driveways on right, alternating lunges & side straddle hop

Mosey across to other neighborhood (same side as school) to first street on left for 7’s on the hill…

Dry docks & plank jacks

Mosey back to covered area by the school bus lot.

American hammers, merkins, lbc’s, shoulder taps, peter parkers

Mosey back to COT.  Rudy had enough of the rainy condition and took off…should have competed at the Rooster with that pace.  90 seconds left we finished with low slow squats


CPR March 29th – Sign up

New A/O on rising of the next full moon @ Waxhaw elementary.  In addition, whenever there is a full moon we will have an iron pax workout, first one will be led by Chastain.  Purpose is to split up Flash so Posse will review recent Flash workouts and assign pax as Q’s.

Also noted there are too many announcements in the COT and that may be limiting the opportunity for pax to open up so we are looking for guys to help start a weekly news letter to communicate all of the announcements, upcoming events, etc.  Based on historical texting examples, Schneider will not be allowed to help with the newsletter.

Prayer request for my niece Lauren was added.

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