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Top Ten Workout

5 for a pre-run between 2 and 3 miles.



Carry KB over to Hickory Tavern than ran a lap around the island.


The Thang

Jumping right into it

10 step up with each leg then sprint to Brooklyn.  The ledge was meant for guys Gerber, DW, and Hurry’s height.

10 single arm shoulder press then flapjack then sprint to Verizon

Since he sprints were short there was lots have racing happening between Transporter, Ice 9, Hurry, and Glidah

We then did 8 reps, 6 reps, 4 reps, 2 reps

There was not resting after each sprint.  It was pretty intense.

10 Dips with weight in lap the sprint to Verizon

10 Curls then sprint to Verizon

Dude were crushing the sprints.  Looked like a NASCAR race.

We then did 8 reps, 6 reps, 4 reps, 2 reps

Not gonna lie I needed a 10 count mid way through to catch my breath


Mosey back to COT for 18 minute AMRAP

Front rack carry KB to each parking line, there were 3 for each round.  Once we got to the end of the lot run to other side and back w/o KB.  Pick up KB to start round 2.  About half the group finished 3 rounds and the other half were 1 station short.

10 swings

10 clean and press

10 BB w/ shoulder press – turned out the be the most difficult.  Through an audible for round 3 to Plank KB pull throughs.



Today was humbling for some and others it was another day of grind.  It’s pretty amazing is to see the fellas push themselves and the others around them to the max.  Nobody wants to be the six and it shows.

Of course Gerber had to modify some of the workout.  He looked like Chub’s wooden from Happy Gilmore.

Ice 9 is still nursing a bicep injury

Surge was a site V today.  Hope he got his moneys worth and will come back for more.

Deadwood came empty handed and was dropped a 45 lb KB by Ice 9.  Pretty sure he has already order his own.

Chatter Box and Popeye keep coming back so they must like it.  These are 2 guys that have decided to take the personal challenge of pushing themselves to new level of fitness and health.

Transporter came in hot as usual.  He only came today because Frack was suppose to be there.  No Frack!

Hurry and Glidah were killing the sprints at the beginning then hit a little wall during the AMRAP.

Tool Time Crush the AMRAP.

This workout will go on the Top Ten list.


CPR Class later this month

CSAUP – May 1st – WTF

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