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Viernes picoso

The 3/19 edition of Marvin Miles turned out to be a spicy one as the group of ocho picked up the pace. Two store FNGs made it out, but only Paper Jam protested the format and its lack of a count-o-rama at the end. YHC would comment more on the conversation and commentary but the gap with the frontrunners limited that awareness. Prohibition was generous enough to run sweep with YHC and we talked many things that are now a blur. Welcome, Blood clot, to Marvin Miles and week look forward to seeing you more often. Tiger Rag had to find another dancing partner with tigerball on pause for a few days, and Frasier and Bunker still think 50 degrees is long sleeve weather. Finally, don’t tell Polly there a BB and official tag for Marvin Miles or it might sink us.

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