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True strength

Many men misjudge strength. They look at the outside. At what a man can do with ease. This is a mistake.

True strength is what a man does when he is exhausted. When his resources are gone. When he has hit his limit.

True strength is the man who keeps going. Who never quits. Who breaks every barrier. Who breaks even his own body if necessary.  Muhammad Ali said, “I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.'”

Today we saw that Popeye is a man of true strength. With his heart rate above 180-190 for much of the workout, he never quit. He never stopped. He never let his body tell him no. He hit barrier after barrier. Limit after limit. And he shattered them. Man, it was awesome and inspiring to watch. I wish you could have been there. If Popeye keeps intermittent fasting and hitting workouts like he has the past few weeks, he is going to be a terror.

For the workout itself, to start we did 15 or so intense minutes on the ground with continuous exercises: jump squats, donkey kicks, stump jumpers, jumping lunges, mike tysons, SSHs, 180s, big boys, merkins, heels to heaven, flying cockroaches, hands in the air knee ups, and more.  Then we ran about 5 miles (6.3 on the apple watch) with 5-6 rounds of 800s racing our partners with 20 rep exercises in between, followed by 3-4 stagger-start sprints down the hill, followed by all-ya got back home and up the hill. It was a good morning.

Peace be with you.

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