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Joint Board Meeting for Area 51/SOB/Waxhaw

18 men from the 3 South Charlotte crime families Region Boards showed up at Cerberus AO (Waverly) to workout and then discuss how we can better Plant, Grow, and Serve our collective communities.  The idea was that our Regions are so close geographically, that our Board members should collaborate more in order to reach more Sad Clowns.

If you haven’t been in F3 too long, let’s give a quick recap of the Board’s role and responsibility:

  • WHAT:  A selected group of PAX tasked with accelerating and invigorating Male Community Leadership
  • WHY:  Ensuring the Region is adhering to the 5 Core Principles and helping identify opportunities to grow the PAX and the Region
  • WHO:  High Impact Men (HIM) that have been identified as passionate leaders who care about F3 and their PAX
  • HOW:  Specific roles to keep each Board member focused on his area of strength
  • WHEN:  Routine meetings (i.e. Monthly) and regular correspondence to keep a pulse on all 3 Fs within the Region
  • WHERE:  Each Region has their own Board (or SLT – Shared Leadership Team) and structure

Group discussion:

  • How can we come out hot post-Covid?
    • FNG activities
    • Kotters ideas
  • What are some cross-regional initiatives (CSAUPs, Q school, Site Q school, etc.)?
    • Coordinate and share calendars
    • Create Slack channels for Functional Qs
  • Expansion:
    • 2025 Goal for F3 Nation:  250k PAX
    • Importance of Expansion
    • Ways (i.e. different type/times of workouts) and Geographic areas to target

Break out by function:

    • 1st F/CSAUP/Expansion
    • 2nd F
    • 3rd F
    • Weaselshaker/IT/COMZ
    • Nantan
    • What do see as your responsibilities in your role?
    • What has been your favorite event in your region or thing that your region does that pertains to your function?
    • What is an event or something that another region does that you would like your region to do?

Key Takeaways:

  • Cheese Curd and Flipper have quite a bromance competition at workouts
  • We need to have a better connection to other Regions
    • Swap Qs, Clown Car for CSAUPs, etc.
    • Slack channels for the different Functional Qs to share ideas
    • Newsletter for our local PAX to learn some other things going on with neighboring Regions
  • PAX should have a better connection to F3 Nation
    • Listen to Podcasts (COT, Pick up the 6, and 43 Feet)
    • Subscribe to bi-weekly newsletter
    • Check out social media posts
  • We need to grow and expand
    • More PAX:  Not because we get paid by number of PAX working out
      • There are a LOT of men, especially after the past year, who need better Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith
      • EH FNGs but also hunt down Kotters and be intentional about asking them to come back
    • Look for ways to grow inside and outside “our four walls”
      • New types and times for workouts
      • New areas that are currently underserved
      • Splitting workouts if there are consistently 15ish PAX each day . . . Addition by Division is REAL!
  • We need MORE LEADERS
    • If you are reading this and feel inspired/convicted to do more within F3:
      • Reach out to a Board member to ask what you can do
      • Go lead something . . . Start a new workout, do a service project, signup to Q a workout/site
    • If you are reading this and DON’T feel you need to do something:
      • Why not?  Have you not benefited from F3?  The more you give to F3, the more you will get out of it
      • Do you not feel “qualified”?  There are no qualifications

We are incredibly blessed to have F3 and the Boards take our responsibility very seriously to share it and grow it.  We have a LOT of opportunity individually and collectively to PLANT, GROW, and SERVE.  Let’s continue to get after it and accelerate in our Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith.  If we each our doing this, we will attract more men and make our communities better.

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