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Memorial Day Murph- Waxhaw (Pre-blast)

Its about that time to start planning for The Murph!

Every year, of bunch of us idiots get together for a painfully stupid workout so we can honor the memory of Lt Michael Murphy who was killed in action in Afghanistan over 15 years ago. This year will be no different. On Memorial Day,  Monday May 31 we will head to Cuthbertson Middle school for a 6:30 kickoff of The Murph. Please park at Rudy’s Poop Palace, and arrive early to stretch and hear the guidelines.

What is the Murph?

1 mile Run

100 Pull-ups

200 Merkins

300 Air Squats

1 mile Run

20 lb weight vest is optional, but encouraged for extra suck

This year we will be offering 2 separate options:

First will be a stricter rules – “Crossfit Games” style murph. A bit more difficult overall, but straight forward suck

2nd option will be a more Covid friendly version where we will substitute the pullups for additional stations, and more of a choose your own order of suck

Either one you choose, we’ll start the run at the same time, and be close enough to cheer each other on… or more likely smack talk!

On the fence, or not sure you have hit enough AO’s to be fully prepared? No worries! YHC is committing to Qing 1 workout/ week dedicated to Murph training. I will host a weekly Thursday night 6pm workout called MURPHy’s Law. We will focus on everything Murph related to better prepare you for the stupidity….

Temporary Weekly Workout- MURPHy’s Law

The Murph can be very intimidating and can definitely pull you out of your comfort zone. However, that is exactly what F3 is for. Come on out and join your fellow pax. Push your body a little farther today than what you did yesterday, and leave a better version of yourself!

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