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The Great Tri County Bake Off and Pie Eat

Warm Up

Told the pax opening Mosey would be to Millbridge Pool parking lot, I started out towards traffic circle, most thought I’d take the shortcut route, nah, not today, back up Nesbit drive to the long way to the MB parking lot.  Stretches – Dugans, Calf, Can Opener, downward dog, upward dog, Moroccan nightclubs.  Mosey back to entrance of elementary school.

The Thang

Partner up, opposite ability.  P1 runs around and up parking lot to chain link fence while P2 does exercise.  Stop when your team has completed the assigned number of reps.  If finished early, help other teams with their reps.  70 Burpees, 200 Dry Docks, 200 Bobby Hurleys.

Mosey to soccer field.  Same partners, run the perimeter of the soccer field, partners running in opposite direction, each time they meet, 10 merkins.  Run around the field 3 times, for a total of 6 sets of merkins.

Line up along backline of soccer field.  Run backwards the entire length of the field, run forwards back to start.  Repeat 3X’s.

Mosey to traffic circle.  Same Partners, P1 runs to first lightpole on right, P2 does exercise, swap until all reps are completed.  100 big boys.

AYG back to COT.

Ye Ole’ Moleskin

One Pax, who shall remain nameless, overindulged in some adult beverages the night before.  Opening mosey of .6 miles did not agree with him and said Pax tossed his cookies the entire time we were stretching in Millbridge parking lot.  It was a loud, substantial, somewhat violent expulsion of gastric fluid, impressive, ‘Davey Hogan-esc’.  Way to push through the remainder of the workout.  Said Pax said he thought when he saw I was Q, not much running would be involved.  It wasn’t that much, 4 miles.

Prayers to Deepdish’s colleague who lost his 30 year old son in a tragic accident.

YHC took us out.

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