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Holy sh– City workout

Out of town again and planning to post with the local region. My brother in law needed a ride to the airport for an early morning flight. Should’ve been perfect except he overslept and wasn’t answering his phone.

So I roll into The Phoenix AO about 8 minutes late and fortunately these guys have a shovel flag planted. I sprint in the general direction looking for signs of life, come around the corner and see a group of guys doing Blockees with their coupons. Yuck. They haven’t seen me yet so there’s still the chance to sneak back to my car. Nope. I’m here. Let’s do this.

They pax were “kind” enough to lend me a coupon and we continued a very Chiseled-esque workout with block work then a mosey on repeato.

The QIC, Fragile (it must be Italian!) asked for suggestions at one point but didn’t like my Murder Bunny option. Huh. Blockees are OK but MBs are no good?

Good group of guys. I think they welcomed the break to grab me a coupon from the Blockees they were doing when I arrived. Good banter, some attempted Q Jacking and they were kind enough to humor me for a family photo at the end.

A+ Would post again

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