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Just follow directions!

9 PAX at Ignition tried to shake down the Q about the weinke before the opening bell.  But YHC didn’t have a weinke planned wasn’t divulging the info.  All that was told was “Get a headlamp.  We are going to dark places.”

DCCS shared openly


  • Mosey to new Lawson through the woods
  • Stop at various points for exercises and more trail blazing
  • Mosey to old Lawson through more woods


  • Partner up for relay races with opposite speed
  • P1 runs hot lap around clubhouse parking lot
  • P2 does exercises until P1 back in position
    • Merkins x 2 rounds
    • Jump Squats x 2 rounds
    • Overhead Flutters x 2 rounds
  • Switch Partners
  • P1 does Pull-ups x 10
  • P2 does Mike Tysons until P1 back in position
  • Mosey down Lawson with core work at each intersection
  • Segment Hunting!
    • “Straight outta Lawson”
    • All you got for .66 miles from one end of Lawson Drive to the entrance
  • Mosey back to Crazy Cabin
  • Mike Tysons with a 400m sprint to the stop sign
  • Plank Jacks Derkins on benches


  • Ghosted is getting fast . . . But he needs to stop hanging around Gerber
  • Gerber and Ghosted didn’t recover but tried to finish the relay which caused them to miss directions for the next Thang . . . They both got reprimanded by the teacher and a note will be sent home to their parents
  • Cobbler kept moving today . . . I guess his partner Hurry inspired him . . . Keep pushing
  • Hurry doesn’t stop moving . . . Except when Hollywood calls plank jacks on tables . . . He was FLYING on Lawson Drive segment
  • Ice9’s right arm is getting HUGE . . . One arm pullups is impressive
  • Easy Button’s BACK . . . Literally his back has been hurting but he is back to his old speed seemingly
  • Dasher’s competitive spirit isn’t slowing down as he approaches Respectville . . . He screamed at me not to lose the lead to Ice9 . . . Calm down.  You shouldn’t be yelling like that at your age
  • Schnitzel is sneaky fast . . . At The Rooster he came out of his casing (that just sounds awkward) and showed us that he has some serious wheels . . . Looking forward to him being a regular at Ignition and Swarm


  • Praise that Surge’s niece continues to recover . . . Awesome to hear Jim was able to FaceTime with her . . . Let’s count our blessings each day . . . Go out of your way today to tell somebody WHY you love them
  • CPR next Monday night . . . See Newschannel for link to sign up . . . Don’t second guess yourself of why you need it
  • New Workouts:
    • This coming Monday @ 0515-0600 at Waxhaw Elementary . . . Bring a cinderblock (Posse is Site Q)
    • Thursday April 1 @ 6:00pm at Walnut Creek clubhouse . . . Mountain Biking and fellowship to follow (Rockwell is Site Q)
  • Read the backblast from this weekend’s F3 Waxhaw Joint Board meeting with SOB (Ballantyne) and Area 51 (Matthews, Pineville) Regions . . . We want to grow and we need more leaders . . . Reach out if you want to discuss a next step for you

DW took us out in Prayer . . . Have a blessed week by blessing somebody in your path

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