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I think I can taste my Gatorade

After weeks of pushing off this Q for various reasons, I felt the need to give the Pax something different.  So with an idea, now time to unload the garage and setup the extravaganza.  Eventually 10 Pax showed up at 5:30 we began.

Warm Up

Very simple as we ran around the pain stations for a quick tutorial and a rundown of the next 45 mins.  Unsure of the number of Pax, there was plenty for everyone and if you felt the need to skip any of the exercises (Covid protocols) I would not judge.  Yes, Clorox wipes and trash cans aplenty.



  • LBC
  • Fire hose (timer)
  • Wall sit
  • Fire hose
  • Battle rope
  • Sand tube- Squats
  • KB- Good mornings / Tri pulls
  • Water tube- curls or over-head press
  • Battle rope
  • KB- Swings
  • Abs- Dolly
  • Bench – Step up and/or incline merkins
  • Bench- Decline merkins and/or Dips

No one grabbed a rock, but various sandbags were borrowed incase you did not want to share any of the other items

Somewhere around the mid way point we took a brief break to run to the baseball field.  Perform 10 box cutters and 10 reverse box cutters and then head back for more circuts


YHC for the takeout prayer


  • A51, Wahaw & SOB’s board has decided to bring back a monthly newsletter. PLEASE be sure to go onto the A51 webpage and update your email or add and email. If you are a Site Q, it is your responsibility to capture a FNG’s info and add it.  Super easy

Ye Old Mole skinny

  • Thank you Thunder Road and Magoo for having me lead…sorry for a few cancelations
  • Thank you Pax for putting up with this Gear format today. I think this was the first gear workout at Base Camp
  • Was cool to see the early Pax walking around looking at the stations before we started….oh the anticipation
  • For anyone wondering, this is all kept in my garage and this was the first workout with it
  • This format spreads the Pax out pretty well, I only heard a few things, so feel free to sound off below. The title came from something I overheard
  • One Pax either Limey or No Show took off pulling the hose and the 4o lb sandbag and had the sand bag all AM…Seriously, you need to show up on Wed 0515 (same location) F3 SACS.  We carry stuff show up and we will get you set up.
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