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“Should be running for those who want to run and for everyone else…”

Let everyone know that there will be running for the people who would like to run and then …. well you know

DiCCS given


Mosey around the parking lot to front of the school

15 SSH

15 MC

Calf Stretch

15 Plank Jacks

Mosey to bus lot

The Thang

Variation of a workout that Flanders did a few weeks back.

Start at spot 13 and do 13 Bobby Hurleys

Run to curb and do a burpee

Run back to spot 12 and do 12 BH

Back to curb and do a burpee

11, 10, 9…. you get the picture

Once finished we all circled back and finished the one last together (this was where people that wanted to run a bit less could have stayed but I thought it better for everyone to continue to stay together)

Finish and walk the 15 steps to beginning light post for Paula Abdul

Up 2 lights and 10 do Merkins

Back 1 light and do 1 burpee. Add 1 burpee every time until 5.

Circle back and finish together

Next up 4 corners. Run to first corner do exercise then come back and do 1 burpee at start. Don’t repeat exercises on the way to the next corner.

10 Big Bois

15 Heels to Heaven

20 American Hammer 2 is 1

25 V-ups

Circle back and finish set up V-ups together

Few minutes left partner up with opposite speed. First partner holds a plank while second runs around small car island. 2 times each.



Great group of guys today of all speeds. We hit a little over 3 miles which I think is a good push for people who aren’t usually runners but still not a 4 mile Flash (you know who you are). Everyone stayed together which kept some good mumble chatter. Great push on the last corners lap with the front sprinting to the end. Some guys are hidden gazelles out there (looking at you Rockwell!) Thank you guys for a great workout and Schneider letting me lead!


CPR next Monday Sign up!

New Thursday AO launching April 1 at Walnut Creek clubhouse at 6PM – Mountain Biking

Murph coming up soon, start training

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