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2 Gazelles and a Chicken Walked Into The Woods

DICCS– no given but we had lights and reflectors ( Maddog would be proud)

Warm up- walk down a hill from Carb Loads house to bottom on the swinging bridge and to verify if Rubbermaid is showing or not. Rubbermaid stated he needed a rest day but with his addiction to running we needed to make sure he would not be left. 5:34am a Gazelle and a Chicken are off to find Hollywood somewhere out yonder…..

The Thang

Run from swinging Bridge to end of trail near Blackhawk  ( BAMMMMMM I see Hollywood )

Now it is official 2 Gazelles and a Chicken will head back towards the bridge with Carb leading the pack in a somewhat group– Carb and Hollywood where clocking around a 9 min pace while the Chicken was hanging in trees and becoming one with nature flying solo clocking around a 9:30 pace.


I am starting to really love the trail run- challenging, rewarding and time fly’s bye. It was good getting back out there with Carb as we had great conversation and have not posted together in awhile. Hollywood is prepping for is nutty 25 miler and was in his normal zone today. At the end of our run we all chatted for awhile and basically all agree whatever board member came up one ONE Q in April only this close to APRIL is a mean person, especially for the well organized sites like FLASH and IGNITION as it appears those site Qs are always on point and probable already had Qs lined up  – ugh…….. hahah !! I am not pointing fingers but through a few conversations and a few board members basically saying they had nothing to do with it appears this pressure might have come a 1-2 members- I can be bribed for information of who the suspect is though with a frosty beverage, not Coke or Pepsi but one with Hops and Barley..

In a perfectly timed exit to the trail run Carb and I came up the hill together on the way to his house just as Twinkle Toes was coming out of his house— unfortunately I already had my shirt off, wonder what Twinkle Toes is thinking about two dudes walking out of the woods at 7:15am and one dude has no shirt on. Thankfully he did figure out who we were so maybe just maybe that eased his mind, I think,,,.. Have a great day boys!!



WTF coming so sign up

April 1 Q per month-  boooooo


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