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Prickle and Goo Followed Gumby and Pokey for You

Announcing the long awaited launch of a new flexibility/stretching/ broga AO in the Waxhaw Region.

On Wednesday April 7, 2021, at 5:30 am will be the soft launch of Prickle and Goo at the playground area of the Millbridge Pool Parking lot.

THE THANG: Prickle and Goo is a stretching only/recovery type workout to assist with flexibility and help prevent injury. There is no running, no coupons, and no merkins.  The workout typically starts with a few minutes of dynamic stretching to warm up the muscles then continues with a series of stretching/yoga/core type exercises.

We may use straps, a towel, or rope to enhance the stretches and a broga (yoga) mat is highly recommended because most exercises will be done on the ground.  Some PAX wear their shoes, most perform the exercises in bare feet or socks.

If it rains, I will gain access to the “airnasium” of Millbridge, which is a large, covered area, so we do not have to stretch in the rain (which sucks and is not conducive to recovery).

THE HISTORY: About 4 years ago, Swiss Miss and High Tide (Area 51) realized there was a need for a recovery type AO. So they launched the first year ’round, in-door, AO in F3 history at the Boy Scout Hut in downtown Matthews. They named it Gumby. It focused on yoga/stretching type exercises with music selected by the Q.  No COP, but they opened up with a prayer and ended with a count and COT.

YHC was a regular attender and Q of Gumby. I made the 20 minute drive each Wednesday because active recovery and flexibility is essential to prevent injury. This was especially critical when I transitioned from posting only at boot camps to posting only to the running sites.

When I had a change in my morning schedule that made it difficult to attend Gumby, I found myself struggling with tight muscles and suffered my first minor injury of F3.  I attribute this injury to the loss of my weekly broga fix.  I convinced a few other PAX in SOBLand that we needed to start our own broga AO and, thus, Pokey was born.

Pokey developed it own unique style. We met outside (from April until the weather turned cold, i.e. October/November), no music (but plenty of mumblechatter), and we began the workout with dynamic stretching.

The typical attendance for this style AO is 4-10 PAX.

It is easy to Q because there are hundreds of stretching exercises that can be discovered with a Google search or on YouTube and you are mostly stationary.

5-STAR REVIEWS/RATINGS: See what some other PAX are saying about the broga type workouts. (Disclaimer: these reviews/recommendations may have been altered or just made up in order to convince you to post this new AO. None of the PAX mentioned below were consulted prior to the publishing of this preblast.)

Frasier (winner of the Rooster race): “The only reason I can run this fast is because I regularly attended Pokey. If you want to run as fast as me, then I would recommend you regularly attend Prickle and Goo.”

Kid Rock: “If I was more flexible, I could run faster and maybe I could catch Frasier. I better goto Prickle and Goo.”

Transporter: “If I post Prickle and Goo, I can finally accomplish my fitness goals. I can be a strong as Kid Rock and run as fast as Frasier.”

Haggis: “I posted one time to Pokey and was forced to do partner stretches with Paper Jam. I never returned. They do some strange stuff at that workout.”

Goodfella: “I am definitely reporting this to the Millbridge HOA.”

Bottle Cap: “Now I understand why they kicked Paper Jam out of SOBLand.”


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