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Of Wolf and Man

Listen to this while reading the backblast

12 men rolled out of bed a little earlier and ventured into parts unknown to help launch The Lycan; F3 Waxhaw’s newest AO. As much as we all love the Flash/Ignition mob, it’s getting a bit unruly with 30+ PAX posting on the average Monday. Great numbers! But that just means it’s time to expand. Posse, Dilbert, and I did a little recon work on Friday and discovered a neighborhood with a wicked, hilly loop and access to Highway 75. We’re right across from the cemetary with easy access to downtown Waxhaw and on campus there are hills, trails, and plenty of room to stretch your legs.

So what’s a Lycan? From the Greek: “lykos” meaning “wolf” and “anthropos” meaning “man” – lukanthropia translates to the Latin “lycanthropy” or more commonly: Werewolf

Waxhaw Elementary School is home of the Wolves, so it was only fitting to adopt that into the AO name. Plus, like any good werewolf tale, the beast is unleashed on the full moon.

And it just so happens that was today…

A full moon at The Lycan means Iron Wolf Challenge (think Iron Pax Challenge difficulty without the chest beating and no Hartsville) so today that meant a couple of items up front:

  1. All moseys are double time
  2. EMOM Timer is in effect – 2 burpees Every Minute On the Minute


Fast mosey to the back of the school for some fast count SSHs, Mountain Climbers IC, and Merkins IC, all punctuated by the EMOM timer and burpees along the way. Continue the loop around the school and as we’re coming back to the front I see a headlamp (I thought) over near COT, so we swing by to pick them up.

Nope! Not a late PAX, but instead the Waxhaw PD has stopped to investigate why there are a bunch of cinderblocks sitting in the parking lot of the school. I attempt to explain/EH (for a later date) the officer into joining us, but between me shouting “Burpees!” when the timer went off and just the general confusion, all I got from him was a “this just looks weird.” I assured him we’d be clearing out around 6:00am then we moseyed away leaving him in stunned amazement as 2 more police cars pulled into the parking lot.

The Thang

Partner up so we can move some coupons from COT to the back of the school. Partner 1 farmer carries two coupons while Partner 2 runs to the rear of the school (where we did the warmup) and then back to their partner. Swap places and repeato until both coupons have arrived at the back of the school.

Now that each person has their coupon it’s time for a Blockee Webb. At the top of the hill, do 1 Blockee then leave your coupon, run all the way down the handicap ramp to the bottom of the hill. Do 4 Step-Ups on the wall then run up the grass hill and back to your coupon. 6 inch plank on your block while waiting on the 6. Repeato until 5 and 20

Fast mosey to the south side of the school and find a spot on the wall for Donkey Kicks 10 to 1. It works like this:

  • 10 DKs with a 10 second, feet on the wall hold at the top
  • 9 DKs with a 9 second hold
  • Progress down to 1 DK with a 1 second hold

Fast mosey back to the coupons for some 7s: Weighted Coupon Squats at the top of the hill and American Hammers (2=1) at the bottom

6 minutes remaining so find a different partner than the last time and farmer carry/fast mosey back to COT the same way we moved blocks the first time.


Lots of fun this morning. The EMOM timer really sucks for two reasons. 1) Burpees and 2) it throws off any rhythm you might have had. But that’s why I threw it in there. We don’t wake up at the crack of dawn for easy. We get up early to push ourselves and start the day off right. Thanks to the men who joined me this morning to launch this site. Go see Posse, Showgirl, and Nails so you can get on the schedule.

As I told the PAX this morning: if you loved the Iron Wolf Challenge, good news! We’ll be doing another at the next full moon. And if you hated the Iron Wolf Challenge, good news! We won’t be doing another until the next full moon!


Dilbert has his vQ next week at The Lycan. Show him and the new AO your support

CPR class tonight at 5 Stones from 6pm to 8pm. Talk to Surge (Jim Connell) on GroupMe or just show up at the door with cash in hand ($15 I think??)

April 1 Q Challenge – No repeat Qs for the whole month. That means Site Qs need your help filling their calendars. If you aren’t already signed up to Q a Site then talk to a Site Q and get on the schedule

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