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1 year down…

Well its been a year since Noonan mentioned that I should get out to workout with the guys at Bushwood. About that time, F# was on a slight Hiatus, but a small group were out pretty much daily working out at MES. Noonan, Big Ben, One Star, Fiji, Spaulding and an occasional straggler along with myself. I’d say it it may have been the longest FNG run as it took a good 3 weeks to get aptly named Tanyatine. For those that had not known, I still follow and indulge in my first true love of Hockey and since I started during the early days of Quarantine, One Star played Mash-up with Tonya Harding and Quarantine.. Genius!!! Well at least he still thinks so to this day! However, it has stuck, and I think every new AO I head to, it is listed as a different name and I get dumbfounded looks regularly.

Prior to F3 and and Quarantine for that matter, I would travel and hit up so many YMCA’s that I have lost track. when that dried up, I started working out on my deck and running in early march 2020… Which looking back was pretty much a single person F3 workout, so the transition was smoother. Using a lot of those exercises within my own Q’s which are usually similar to the below.

Bushwood has been having increasing number lately and we had a perfect 18 today.

Warmup: slightly longer mosey to the front lot, Moroccan Night Clubs, SSH, IPW, Potato pickers 18IC. Calf Stretch, Up/Down dog.

Thang: Head out to the Half wall, but, uh….. Few too many Pax for the half wall, so Audible and head to Turkey Trot.

At each driveway on the left, Alternate 10 LBC’s and 10 Speed Skaters 1=2 2=1. Yes i called out 1=2 at one point.. oh well, there was the laughter to humble ones self. On the way back 10 LBC’s and 10 Romanian Dead lifts at the driveways. Smuggler led the Shoulder taps for the 6.

While we had to Audible the half wall, Fiji and Long Haul reminded me there were the picnicking tables on the back nine. So lets audible back. While going, 10 merkins at each mailbox before the cut through.  As we got to the tables/Tent, a few of us from last week had some flashbacks from last week when in the pouring rain it was the only dry spot….Until the sprinklers came on. So once again, Sprinkers on so we moved some tables and started on.

  • 18 derkins
  • 9 box jump (or step ups if the tables were slippery) Safety first!!
  • 27 Dips
  • Repeato.

Head to YHC favorite spot, the rock pile. Grab a lifting rock and rifle carry to the parking lot. Each Pax take a Spot, 9 holes of No Fun Zone!!! 9 exercises with run to end and back.

  • 9 Blockees
  • 18 american hammers 1=2 2=1
  • Lunge Twist 18 1=1
  • 36 curls
  • 18 Hernias
  • 18 Squat Thrusters
  • 27 Tris
  • 36 Chest press
  • 18 LAteral Front raises.

Rifle Carry rock back to pile, 3 mins to COT and finish with Fast feet for 30 seconds.


As I spoke to my wife last night that this was one year since I had finally decided to try F3 (I had been asked 3 years before in Race City)  I think she is just as happy as I was since we had just moved down here and she knows i need an outlet and just as important the fellowship. I am glad I have gotten involved and have been able to meet so many great people and their families over the last year. It gives me something to look forward to in the morning, and now I am looking forward to work travel a bit more as I know many of my destinations are also F3 areas.

Welcome New FNG Jazz Flute (Rob Pettman-think thats what I heard) since he is from San Diego, but born across the pond… works in Financial services, wife and two notches,  competitive wake boarder and Rugby player. other names considered: Cauliflower, San Diago, Classy, pebbles.


Bottle cap wants you —> at cowbell. Where is that location One Star?  Thats the same as Asylum right!?!?!

1 Q challenge- 1 person to Q every workout 100 Pax need to get involved looking at a lot of Newbies..reach out to Site Q’s

-Try new sites

-Get involved

-Smuggler at Dromedary tomorrow

-Big Ben at Bushwood next Tuesday for Spring Break Q

  • Big Ben- After going to the Dr, he is looking to lose weight and needs help with Motivation. Looking to get guys in a weighloss challenge. Possibly put money into a kitty and donate to an F3 charity. More to come on this
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