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More PAX gotta have some Cowbell!

16 guys picked up their prescription for their fever at Cowbell.  It was a warm morning so C3PO had to scrape off the ice arrive late.  Jingles would have a tear in his eye watching C3PO’s Dukes of Hazard speed bump jumps on the way into these workouts.


  • A new-ish workout that involved Kettlebells and short sprints
  • Every Wednesday at 0530 at Petsmart in Wesley Chapel (0515 pre-run always available)
  • Bring your own kettlebell but if you don’t have one, there are extras (and that was tested today)


  • The goal is to keep your heartrate up the entire workout
  • A series of called KB exercises and then a short sprint (200-400 meters)
  • Example:  My avg. heartrate today was 154 bpm (by comparison, yesterday’s bootcamp was 121 bpm)
  • By changing up my weekly routine, this has accelerated my fitness . . . I’m guessing it will do the same for you as well


  • Cowbell has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars
  • Gazelles and Clydesdales side-by-side . . . Literally . . . There is no need to circle back for the 6 since we stay together all the time
  • Young and Old . . . 62 years young Blue Screen BEAT Hurry and Chastain on the last 200m lap today . . . 17 year old Johnny5 put in some HARD work today and he is getting a lot stronger!
  • MASH . . . Many injured PAX have posted at Cowbell and do the KB exercises with the group and then do ab work while the PAX sprint
  • Welcome to the first timers today . . . Sledge, C3PO, Johnny5, Inspector Gadget . . . Way to change up the routine!


  • Depends on who you ask . . . Just like EVERY workout, it is YOU vs. YOU . . . The more you PUSH YOURSELF EARLY in a workout, the longer you have to fight through mental hurdles during the workout which will make you better
  • We did some new exercises and some old ones
    • Curl to Press
    • Figure 8
    • Low Slow Squat
    • 5 count Plank KB pull-through merkin (had to be there)
    • One legged step up thrusters
    • Incline Plank rows
    • One legged side step ups
    • One arm snatch (zip up the jacket)
    • Chest press flutters
    • Over the head big boy situps
    • Double leg taps over the KB

We ended with some prayers for people close to Sledge and Blue Screen as well as a word of encouragement from Glidah to trust God and BE PRESENT in the moment . . . use your 5 senses to stay focused.

Happy Easter fellas.  I encourage you to not take it for granted and read the Easter story for yourselves this weekend.  Soak it in.  It’s truly mind blowing.  What if it’s true?

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