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Group Photos and Gardening Advice

I’m ghost writing this BB due to the fact Damascus is a lazy son of a B and we need those ticks in the app! It had been a long 3 weeks on the road but it’s good to be back. I happily setup my tripod in Orlando, New Orleans and Nashville for those famous FOMO Family Photos. It was a hit…

Those that don’t like them didnt like the invention of the radio because they wanted to just garden in the quiet. It’s the same guys that didn’t like the invention of the TV because they would rather use their imagination while listening to rose pruning tips on the radio. It’s the same group of guys that doesn’t “want all those different channels on the TV” because they just want to watch that one show about pH balancing their soil.

What in the hell is happening? Nobody knows but it’s provocative and it gets the people going.

Honestly I saw Orange Whip’s post making fun of our family photos and boy was I triggered. All of the above was said as a joke and I look forward to them taking back their website. But not before we volunteer to clean up a road near them so they can see “F3 Waxhaw” every morning on a sign as they head to post. One love.


Imagine it.


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