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Over the Cold

So I purposefully didn’t sign up for any Q’s in April so I could be a last minute fill in.  Well I didn’t think that would happen on day 2 of the month.  Should this count as an April Q slot if you have a last minute back out? 100 burpee

Due to the wind and temperature not many people were getting out of their cars early.  First guy out of the car was FNG Dustin (Dunkin) for South Waxhaw.  Explained the 60 and 45 minute options, he chose wisely.



Lets mosey down to Rudy’s shed to pick up some rock and carry them over to HS path.  Leave for later. Keep going to Rocks at the Jungle.  Set out lifting rock, then head up to back of HS for a few warm-up exercises.

SSH x 20 IC

MTC x 10 IC

Plank Jack x 15 IC

BB x 10

The Thang

20 step ups run to wooden benches 20 incline merkins run to rocks for 20 curls run back to wooden benches for 20 dips.  3 Rounds

Back to the rocks to put them back them moseyed over to the HS stairs.  In the process we crossed streams with Zin and the Impromptu crew.

10 Mike Tyson at HS then down the path to the rocks from earlier for  20 shoulder press back to stairs 20 squats.  Repeat 3 times.

Once we put the rocks back we headed up to the from on the MS for bench hop overs while partner runs to curb and back.  Repeat 3 times

Mosey over by COT to one of the alcoves 10 donkey kicks and 10 derkins run to parking lot and back.  Repeat 3 times.

We have just enough time for BB and American Hammer Webb.  Got a chance to learn about our FNG during this time.  Cream Filled would have been a much better name than Dunkin.

Hit COT right on time!


Great to have Dustin join us this morning.  He fit right in and was able to hang with 60 minute BC.  Look forward to seeing him out again next week.

Our Respect (Sugar Daddy & Blue Screen) fellas are always pushing the limits of age.  You can always get a good laugh from BS sense of humor.

Schnitzel has been hitting all of the hour long workout for the last couple months and steadily moving up to the front of the Pax.

Gerber being Gerber is always out front and helping push the pax’s limit.

One of the things I realized at the beginning of the year through looking at some data on Strava was that my fitness level has went down a great deal the second half of 2020.  It was clear that I had not been working very hard and making excuses for myself.  Surprisingly its easy to do that and blame outside factors that you have no control over.  The fact is, it was a mindset for me.   I knew I had to make a change so I started to approach the workouts and how show up everyday.  Without knowing it there have been a few people (Gerber & Hurry) that have been big inspirations for me during this.   By making a few small changes in the way I think about workouts, health, and life I’ve been able to make big gains.  This year I will be hitting the big 50 and I don’t want that to be anything more than a number.



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