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We were not crucified

13 PAX (plus another 5 at Swarm) at Impromptu this morning…no site Q’s to be found…Recalc looked all morning.

Easy mosey behind the school to Rudy’s shed/bus lot. Circle up for SSHs, Imperial Walkers, 6” planks, some stretching (against Recalc’s advice), Elbow plank/reverse Peter Parkers.

The Thang
Mosey to the traffic circle, to the wood benches. Partner up, exercise is 200 dips, partner runs down to and around the circle. Then to the steel benches/picnic tables for 200 shoulder taps with feet on bench (2 was 1).

Mosey to large parking lot by football field for 4 corners. Since it’s Good Friday…
20 Crucifix merkins
20 Toe touches
20 Bicep merkins
20 Crucifix crunches
Since it is the 2nd day of the month, 2 burpees in between each set in the middle

Mosey to Rudy’s shed. 1 burpee at each light as we finished at COT J.I.T.


Anytime you want Golden Plates to attend a workout tell him I am the Q (Fusebox).

Waxhaw Trail Fest (WTF) – May 1st starting at Walnut Creek Park, t-shirts available for purchase
Clean up downtown Waxhaw, April 17th…should be quick. Coffeeteria afterwards. Bring leaf blowers, rakes, gloves, etc.
Off the chain site is moving to Wednesdays, 6pm Walnut Creek
FNG (Dustin) who started his first workout with SWARM…aka Dunkin

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