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Lycan, Coolest new site in WXW (VQ)

5 pax made it to a cool Waxhaw Elementary.  A special acknowledgment goes out to our DOUBLE POST athletes who 1st hit Asylum for the VQ there, then broke all the rules of the road to make it to Lycan in 11 minutes.


Short mosey to 15x Imperial Walkers, 15x SLOW Merkins (3-count down, 1-count up)
another short mosey to SSH 21’s (count out loud to 5, then silent to the HALT, with a penalty for anyone stopping too soon or too late).  Q can’t count apparently.

Main Event:

Mosey to the wall for Ascending Testicles (Q cried mercy on the BTTW reps)

Mosey to Angle Grinders

Bataan Death Crawl one full rotation then Sprint to the end of the lot

4X4’s (oyo to 4)

repeat Bataan Death Crawl one full rotation then Sprint to the other end of the lot

7 of Diamonds; 7x Burpees, 14x Flutter Kicks, 21x Merkins, 28x Squats, 21x Merkins, 14x Flutter Kicks, 7xBurpees but only made it to 2nd base before time ran out.

Mosey back to COT


Check out the South Mountain CSAUP, April 17th, here…


VQ, check, was nervous, check, and bear crawls are harder than I thought

Shop Dog borrowed a headlight to avoid having to “feel his way” in the blue porta-john.  PAX nearly created a field-expedient new exercise called “splashies” on this occasion

Dilbert tried to sell the virtues of wool as his preferred workout clothing, turned south quickly

No-Show was the BRAND NEW shovel flag, lovingly created just for the lycan, guilty party un-named


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