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It’s O69, We’re just gonna walk around a bit…

DICCS given- PAX are shocked to learn I’m not a pro. Modify as Necessary. Don’t sue the Q, 5 Stones or F3. Cell phones? CPR?

Reminder given. I’m not the strongest runner and someone will have to pick up the slack on that.

Warm up

Opening Mosey to the entrance and back

20 SSH

20 Potato pickers

Calf Stretch

15 Imperial Walkers



Coupon time

Two rounds

On my up

25 Curls

Lawnmower pulls 20 each arm

30 Overhead Presses

25 Triceps extensions (crowd pleaser here)


Run to the far curb and back


Shoulder time


Two rounds

Cherry pickers

Bat wings 20

Cherry pickers

Moroccan Night Clubs 20

Cherry Pickers

Over head claps 20

Cherry Pickers


Run to the far curb and back


On the ground


Rt leg and Lt leg sideways leg lifts 20 each

Stormy Daniels 20

Flutters 20

American hammers 20

Bridged hip flexor flutters?? 20 each leg


Run to the far curb and back


Leg time


Curb squats 20

Sumo calf raises 20

Block lunges (Crowd pleaser #2) 20

Skater squats 20


Run to the far curb and back


At this time my Winkie was exhausted. So some pax add in some exercises. I remember blockies, arms to heaven, SSH and block bomb jacks or something like that. Thanks for the pick up.



This was my VQ. Thanks for coming out in support of me. I would like to thank Fuse Box the site Q for the opportunity to Q today. I learned today it’s pretty damn hard to count when you can’t breathe. At one point Chastain snapped at me and told me you’re not allowed to point when you want somebody to run, you have to say the words. LOL.
Sorry boys, I should have gone to Q school. My bad.

It’s been a year and four months for me with F3. It’s been an incredible journey. Healthier and stronger, 50+ pounds off and keeping it off. A newfound appreciation for working out. Friendships made. How could you ask for more from this F3 group.

I started this journey not being able to walk up a set of stairs without being winded. Tying my shoes was a chore. Most don’t know, but I started F3 just walking in the neighborhood. I would get up and walk and check in with the southside Briarcrest F3’ers when they got back from workouts. Huge shout and respect to the Southsiders. Ricky Bobby, Schneider and Chicken you fools are the best! But, thank you all for the support and the opportunity.

If you told me a year and a half ago I would be leading a work out of 20 men while I listen to them moaning groaning from what I’m dishing out, I would’ve told you you’re crazy.  It’s just added to a long list of accomplishments I can enjoy now all because of F3. I said before when I was giving a six man speech and repeated it this morning. There’s no doubt in my mind that F3 and being welcomed by this group of men is saving my life. Respect and appreciation to you all.

As always, Stay after it boys….


Yeah, there was one. Rockwell said something about riding a bike somewhere or something.

I was still suffering from oxygen deprivation. Missed it, I’ll have to work on that for next time.


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