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Give me liberty, or give me lunges!


Das Boot invited YHC to Q out at Body Shop this Thursday, 4/8. IR has limited running and created
somewhat of a strength focus for YHC for the last year, so… as the site name implies, this will be a strength focused endeavor on Thursday. Heart rates will be elevated, some mileage will occur, but likely a little below the typical ~5km required of a boot camp. Expect some coupons, rocks, and other (un)pleasantries.

Bring a friend.

Back Blast

11 of the finest Wax Pax and/or SOBs, a 60 degree Spring morning, a car full of gear, some cones, a reasonably well-planned weinke… what a great way to start a random April Thursday. The 80lb KB made an appearance this morning (aka Liberty Bell, aka Fat Boy). Gave the initial disclaimer, and handed it off the Site Q for some of the Waxhaw specific kumbaya that YHC is not familiar with.

Warm-Up (5:30 – 5:35)

  • Circle Up:
    • Side Straddle Hop X 15 IC
    • Merkins X 15 IC
    • Thoracic Openers X 10 each side, CC
    • Pigeon Stretch, 30 seconds each side.
    • Arm Circles X 10 each side, OYO
    • Low slow squat X 5 CC
    • 5 static lunges each side, X 5 CC
    • Low slow squat X 10 CC
    • 5 static lunges each side, X 5 CC

Work Capacity (5:35 – 6:05)

  • Jog over to the parking lot next to the hill. Gadzooks, Batman, look at this set-up… cones, dumbells, kettlebells, labels, football pylons.
  • Divide dudes into 4 groups, each starting at a lane below.

    • Line up behind the coupons in each lane.
    • First guy does 7 of the exercise (7 each side) for that lane, then 7 merkins, then lunge walks to the end of the lot (approx. 20 walking lunge steps), then runs up the hill around the cone and back and line up to start the next lane: 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1… etc.
    • Next guy starts when the first guy finishes his merkins.
    • PAX are allowed to pass other PAX in the run.


    Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4
    35 lb KB (7 each side) 20 lb dumb bells (14 total) 40 or 50 lb KB (7 each side) 55 / 80 lb KB (7 total)
    Single Straight-Leg Deadlift Thruster (Squat to Press) Single Arm Deadlift High Pull Goblet Squat
    7 Merkins 7 Merkins 7 Merkins 7 Merkins
    20 walking lunges 20 walking lunges 20 walking lunges 20 walking lunges
    100 meter run 75 meter run 50 meter run 25 meter run
  • Got everyone through about 3-4 times (which was hell-a-lot of lunges), perfect number of PAX for this, and there was minimal waiting.

Form Focus (6:05 – 6:09)

Worked on a build-up burpee, something popularized in SOB land some years ago.

  • 5 X slow bottom of the burpee.
    • 1st position is 6-inches.
    • 2nd position is low squat.
  • 5 X slow top of the burpee.
    • 1st position is bottom of a squat.
    • 2nd position is bottom of a squat. (jump, with hands overhead, in between)
  • 5 X slow full burpees, pausing at the uncomfortable positions:
    • 1st position is 6 inches
    • 2nd position is bottom of a squat.
    • 3rd position is bottom of a squat. (jump, with hands overhead, in between)

Now are bodies have some important positions to anchor too whilst we burpee the next time. (i.e none of this failing about, Flurpee, nonsense)

Core Strength (6:09 – 6:15)

Off we trotted towards the main entrance. Everyone was instructed to get on their sixes with their head near an aluminum post. And we worked on some Simplified Dragon Flag Negatives, Plank Jacks (regular and at six inches). Something like this:

  • 10 flag negatives up the middle.
  • 5 to the right, 5 to the left.
  • 5 flag negatives up the middle.
  • 10 plankjacks IC
  • 8 flag negatives up the middle.
  • 4 to the right, 5 to the left.
  • 10 6-inch plankjacks IC
  • 3 10-count flag negatives up the middle.
  • 2 to the right, 2 to the left.

Ole Mole

Sorry, not sorry, for a bit of a change up at the Body Shop today. Less running around, more grunting and lifting. The general feedback seemed to be positive, and everyone did excellent work in the main event. Das Boot was seen hoisting the Liberty Bell (ye ole 80lb KB) at least one of the trips through. A few others went with the heavy choices as well. Lot’s of good pain-oriented noises throughout, YHC included, which is a marker of some kind of success. Well done all.

Penalty Box (R, R, R) and Centerfold (R) were working some strong brick game in the 0.0 traveling AO, MASH, and stayed at the start area. Good work guys.

Thanks for the invite, Das Boot. Hope to work the Body Shop into the fitness rotation again sometime.

  • WTF (Waxhaw Trail Fest) – Ragnar-esque trail run event, See Champlain for details.
  • Sardine on Q next week (if the calendar is up to date)
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