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It’s only 15 Seconds!?

5 Strong men joined YHC this morning for what turned out to be a leg-heavy beating.

Showed up thinking there wouldn’t be anyone joining me as the parking lot was empty at 5:05 but soon after I thought that, Dasher comes rolling in for a 3/4 mile pre-run around the MS. Slowly other PAX showed up and all of a sudden it was 5:15:15…  Oops! Got a little carried away with my DiCCS… and that will be the theme for the rest of the workout as those precious 15 seconds came into play, not once but two more times.

Warmorama: 3/4 mile mosey around front of schools and over to the parking lot by the stadium. Typical stretches, Downward Dog, Glidah, Upward Dog, high plank Jacks X 10, Low plank jacks X 10, Upward Dog and a Calf Stretch.


Short Mosey to the street light at the stadium for :45 sec interval sprints X 5 up toward the entrance of the HS as far as you get in time allowed (first interval ended up being a full minute so there is the second time we were + :15 seconds) and then slow Mosey back to starting point with a 1-ish minute breather before R/R.

Mosey over to HS Cafeteria entrance for partner work,  picking up Premature’s shirt along the way and allowing a little more time for Gerber to take a “load” off at the stadium shed.

partner 1 does Dips on wooden benches (Impromptu PAX were using the cafeteria tables so we used the wooden benches instead) while partner 2 runs 400 meter track around island. R/R until 200 Dips reached.

Next were 150 X Irkins, 100 Step Ups and 100 Staggered Squats (We moved over to the cafeteria tables for the last two now that the Impromptu PAX had carried on elsewhere)

Mosey to Rudy’s Palace for some wall work. (Peoples Chair against the wall while doing 50 X air presses IC and then 50 X jabs IC.

Paula Abdul back up the yellow brick road to COT with 5 X Merkins up and 10 X Speed Skaters back. Had to recover about halfway in due to time and ended up :15 seconds after 6:15. And that completed the final extra :15 seconds.


BC, Gerber and Dasher led most of the way as usual any time they post and providing much wanted (and sometimes annoying) push to the rest of us “normal” guys.

Dunkin in only his second F3 workout (nursing a foot injury by the way) pushing hard and staying with everyone. Kid will be leading the way soon enough.

Premature, my Wildebeest brother, working hard, even with a knee injury that has plagued him for a while now.

Way to go fellas! You inspire me and anyone else you come into contact with. Thank You!

Announcements: See also Impromptu BB for  official announcements…

Prayers and best wishes for Rubbermaid and Hollywood as they embark on a 50 and 25 mile respectively race up and down a mountain this weekend. Good Luck and see you at Ignition on Monday…


WTF… Waxhaw Trail Fest Saturday May 1st at 6:00 a. Sign up! You will regret it… $10 registration and shirt orders forthcoming.

Ricky Bobby took us out in prayer





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