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These Pax had a fever for more “Rifle Carry”

Its Spring Break! The kids are ready to go have fun……So this BB will be Short and Sweet.

The Thang

Quick version—-We started with some intense merkins, air squats..and rifle carrys etc……..moved on to partnering up forĀ  150 Curls, Overhead Presses, Chest presses, Squats …while the other partner–you guessed it Rifle Carries….Our upper body was toast. We moved on to some more exercises and Centerfold said “Sugar Daddy if we do more rifle carries I will shoot you with the rifle”…that was the “nice” version…….so guess how I ended the workout????????


With only 6 pax it was a great time to let loose and have some fun–and get a tough workout in…. Mumblechatter is one of the great things I really enjoy about F3…today the Pax were funny, working hard and having great fellowship! Thanks to Centerfold, Brutus, Elmers, Mayhem, and Chastain for the laughs! and getting the weekend off to a great start. Awesome effort today by everyone!


Mayhem-possible company switch—interview’s today

Good health for Centerfold’s Mom…..

Continued fellowship today at Stacks with Centerfold and Mayhem—-great guys!



WTF is May 1st







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