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A Round of Exercises are Better Than a Round of Shots (on this morning anyway)

YHC was on the schedule to clock in as this week’s bartender at Last Call.  Being my first time at Last Call I did not know what to expect.  I did not know if it was going to be more Tom Cruise’s cinematic masterpiece “Cocktail” or the culture defining “Coyote Ugly”.  Once Posse and Noonan saddled up to the Marvin Ridge watering hole I knew that it would be neither of these.  After discussing the Spring Break exodus that everyone was on this year and inquiring if One Star had even posted at Last Call yet, it was time to get going.  As a SOB’er in Waxhaw land YHC tried to follow the local customs so as to not offend the natives and a clumsy attempt at DiCCS was given.

After a short mosey and a standard warmup here is what went down.

The Thing

While scouting the AO YHC noticed a paved walkway from the parking lot to the front of the school that had a few set of small stairs.  And at the front of the school there are coincidentally several benches.  So for starters YHC was going to have guys pair up.  P1 run up the walkway and stairs to the front of the school, do 18 dips (in honor of the Masters) and run back.  P2 does flutter until P1 returns and flapjack.  Seeing as there was only 3 of us YHC told Posse and Noonan to stick together and I would be the odd man out.  As I was heading back from the first run I pass Posse who tells me he is turning it into a grinder.  I laughed with Noonan as I returned that Posse was Q-jacking me but it was actually a good idea and worked out better.  We did this for 3 rounds and then did another 3 rounds substituting in derkins and heels to heaven.

After this was done we moseyed to a corner of the parking lot where YHC had set up 4 cones in a large square.  The object of this was to have 4 groups of Pax cycling through the exercises listed at each cone with one of the cones acting as the timekeeper.  This would obviously have been difficult with 3 guys so we stuck together.  Starting with cone #1 which was the timekeeper we ran a lap around the drive thru lot in front of the high school.  YHC asked if anyone had a watch to time us upon which Posse stepped up.  We ran this lap in 1:45 which was then our time to spend at each of the other stations.  The other stations consisted of Cone #2 = hollow body hold, Cone #3 = merkins and Cone #4 = 4×4’s.  As we got going YHC quickly realized that 1:45 straight on each was going to be a tall task so we broke them up in half with a short rest in between.

We had enough time to go through the cone circuit twice with about 3 minutes to spare.  Time to head back to launch and Posse asked if we needed to grab the cones.  Nah, YHC replied I’ll grab them on the way out (maniacal laugh in my head).  We mosey back to launch at which point YHC exclaims “Now sprint back for the cones” which actually led to Posse calling me a bastard…a badge that I will wear proudly with honor.  This time return to launch for real, 1ish minute of plank and finito.



I thoroughly enjoyed getting out to this new AO.  And while I get to workout with Posse and Noonan from time to time it was great to workout with them in a smaller gathering like this.  A few cursory observations from the morning.

  • Right off the bat Posse was giving me a hard time for not being CPR certified.  Once a weasel shaker, always a weasel shaker I guess.
  • Noonan was crushing the circuits, especially the merkins.  There was one point where it was the last 10 seconds of the merkin stations and I was struggling to do a variation of a Cobra that would somehow vaguely resemble a push up and I look over to see Noonan cranking out several in that last bit of time.
  • Speaking of the merkin station, as were working through the last set I made the comment that the goal of this was to get to muscle failure.  Posse commented that happened on the first set…same here my friend, same here.

Thanks fellas for putting in hard work and pushing me to as well.  And thanks to Noonan and One Star for allowing me to man the bar at Last Call.

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