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Clever Title next time

Took the Q for Watchtower to do my part in single Q April. I guess I forgot that I had to write a backblast but here it is:

We ran and we did stuff:

  • Mosey to bus parking lot
  • Quick SSHs and calf stretch
  • Mosey to the neighborhood next door
  • Split into two 5 man groups, Indian run w/ Burpee while alternating team exercise at each light post
    • Squats/Speed Skaters
    • Dry Docks/Merkins
  • Mosey back to the school with a couple of stops for Mary in between
  • Back to the bus lot doing 4 corners. Start w/ 5 reps and build at each corner
    • Legs
    • Arms
    • Mary
  • Mosey to front of school, alternate exercise at every other light
    • Merkins
    • Bomb Jacks
  • Back to the front of the school
    • 1/2 lap around front yard
      • Air presses/ air jabs
    • 1/2 lap around drop off line, this time walking down Cherry Pick’em Lane
      • Don’t drop those hands men
  • Mosey back to the bus lot, quick stretch then mosey to the lone bus
    • touch the bus and jailbreak back to COT
    • quick Mary for the last minute

There might of been other stuff but that’s how I remember it. Since I’m writing the backblast it’s official

Zinfandel was 1000% not in attendance but if I’m a betting man he’s the most likely to not only read this, but to make a comment in groupme. I picture something like, “Looks like Deflated can write a backblast but Foundation can’t. I want my one post credit from his Q and if he doesn’t write it I don’t get it”. Then he’ll make a face like this:

Baby Zin



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