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Getting Swoll With The Chicken

DICCS- Given as usual and covered all topics

Warm up– Light mosey with Coupons near rock pile, so PAX who actually work and do not live on GroupMe could grab a coupon or rock since they did  not get the memo– The Chicken is turning this boot camp upside down with gear..  Drop our coupons and rocks and mosey to front of school for….

20 SSH


Plank- right arm high and right leg – 10 seconds– left arm and left leg high – 10 seconds

Can Opener Pose.


The Thang

Before we decide to play with our toys/coupons we needed a normal boot camp.

Mosey to stop sign at long road in front of school and at every light/stop sign complete…..

10 Mike Tysons and 1o Bomb Jacks ( Chastain would be proud)– 70 Tysons and 70 Bomb Jacks WTF!! Waxhaw Trail Fest ( more on that later) haha

On way back to starting point

10 Speed skaters and 5 lunges.

A quick mosey to pick up Twista since he was walking and let him know we will be playing with coupons now –so he could stay near us.

At bottom of lot grab you coupon for….


20- Rifle Carries

Repeat until we get to middle median at top of lot- sprint down to starting point and back.

Continue with Blockees and Rifle Carries until we get across the whole parking lot– WTF –Waxhaw Trail Fest ( more on that later)…

Grab you block for the following– complete 2 rounds of each but in between each round sprint up to median and mosey back to start.

20- Kettle Bells/2o curls- sprint/repeat

20- bench press/20 flutters with coupon- sprint/ repeat

20- Squat Thrusters- sprint/repeat

Now for the real fun with 8 minutes left..

1-Blockee ( number stays the same)

4-Military Press ( number stays the same )

4- Murder Bunnies ( increase by 4 each round until we get to 20)  — WTF-– Waxhaw Trail Fest— more on that later.

Mosey back to COT



As always I love leading a group of leaders like this. Today I wanted to dig deep into my Q bag and find some different types of exercises and I believe we accomplished that. I heard a good bit of complaining, breathing hard and actual a few choice words directed at the Chicken ( ANIMAL ABUSE!!).. The PAX pushed extremely hard today and I have a feeling we will have some tight arms and backs tomorrow– well done boys..

Few Call Outs.

One Star– down 15 pounds and is crushing it. Dude was a machine today

Schnitzel– I have seen him posting a lot lately at the running workouts but somehow we miss each other– dude is fast and if gazelles actually knew how to recruit they might could actually bring him to their side.. nice work brother.

Soft Pretzel– MACHINE!! enough said

Wildebeest– Love having my brothers Sugar Daddy and Premature there- boys bring their a game daily.



Twista- 6th man- ran into a few of us during neighborhood watch and we told him about F3. He had a heart attack last Tuesday and will begin posting regularly and going Vegan. He got his name since he is from Oklahoma and has seen 4 tornados.

WTF- Waxhaw Trail Fest- 05/01/2021– SIGN UP we have 40 peeps now and are looking for more- This is a F3 event but others can attend and FIA will be joining as well.

Last Call- Has new hours– 5:32AM due to school being back in.. Just think 2 more minutes of sleep and One Start is Qing Friday..





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