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Where’s The Goo?

10 PAX found their way to the playground at Millbridge (2 were a bit late) for the initial launch of Prickle and Goo and left more flexible than when they started.  After a proper disclaimer, we launched.

First order of business was dynamic stretching to get us a little loose. We strolled into the parking lot, lined up at the curb and began with walking butt kickers, IW, toy soldiers, and open the gate

After we warmed up, it was on the the main course where each stretch was held for one minute:

We started out using a bench or playground equipment for: high pigeon, hamstring stretch, calf stretch.

Then to the mats for: praying mantis, lunges, frog, more pigeon, some dead pigeon, windshield wipers, loosen up the back and then corpse pose.  We threw in some shoulder and arm stretches for good measure.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Sign up for WTF if you have not already and be on the lookout for a date to help load some trucks for Christ Closet.


A shout out to all my F3 brothers who showed up to support the launch of this AO. It is a unique type of workout, with an even more unique name, and it was an unusually high turnout and I am very grateful. There was alot of good mumblechatter along with cracking of bones and a realization that we all need to stretch more.

Carb Load was our 6th man this morning and look forward to the season of stretching.

Thank you for allowing me to lead. SYITG.

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