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Wine Me, Dine Me and Sixty-Nine Me?

And for my 69th Q….I would invite Posse to pop not one cherry but two. Getting him to post at Cow Bell was a simple task but getting him to 69 was going to take a little more mood enhancing verbal enticement. Luckily for me when Posse and I call each other out we then follow through with the post.

I also pinged my dude Shake to get his ass back out to a workout. However since I respect him way more than Posse I didn’t mention the 69ing part. He showed up but would he hate me by the end of the workout? The answer would be yes

Doc McStuffins even made a rare appearance this AM and it was good to see him back out. Last time I saw him at a post he named an FNG some version of Magallen? I feel like it was something funny. I guess the guy didn’t last if I can’t remember…

Walking DiCCS given as we walked over to the front of Pet Smart. Would the pax be able to lose their inhibitions and open up their 3rd eye? Only time would tell.

Well it’s 530am and Transporter is just pulling in. Let’s Mosey…


Mosey around the lot and circle up for….

1. 20 x SSH IC

2. Jimmy Dugan

3. Downward Dog

4. Upward Dog

5. Calf Stretch

6. Can Opener & Runners Pose

Let’s Swing Together. I’m not saying that my relationship counselor would agree to this but it would make a beautiful piece of embroidery for the bathroom. “Those that 69 x KB Swing together, stay together.”

• 69 x KB Swings, alternating hands IC

This was really to ensure that the pax knew how to count to 69. Sadly I knew counting would be an issue because too many fellas came to catch up on the best types of cotton to wear in the summer months. Weak. I digress…

69s and Suicides. You got it. 69 reps of each with a suicide in-between. I ripped off the high 100 x count that Dasher did a few months ago. I really liked the high reps because the burn was something special. Chicken Little and I bonded that morning getting through those brutal exercises. Not talking but encouraging and grunting to get through it. Since we weren’t talking we could actually count all the reps.

Take notes boys…

• Goblet Squat

• Two Handed Deadlift

• Overhead Press, One Arm at a Time

• High Pull

• Suitcase Deadlift, both sides; 35 and 34 reps

• Reverse Lunge, KB Overhead

• Tricep Curls

• KB Squat Jumps

• On your 6:

• KB V-Ups x 30

• KB American Hammer x 30

• KB V-Ups x 9

And fin…


It was a beautiful morning with 13 pax in the gloom. Couldn’t have asked for any better weather and the pax openness to explore was fantastic.

Everyone say a prayer for Posse. Lots of talk of two fists and I can’t think of someone that could use a nice warm hug from a Bible study.

I chose to play the Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes’ What Kinda Music album this AM because I assumed many of the pax aren’t cultured enough to listen to good music hadn’t heard of them yet. The chatter was alive this AM in regard to the music and I love all the poking. I can’t listen to the same “missionary” style of music like some of you guys. Sometimes you have to try listen to new things music in hopes you help your partner climax in new ways. Your wives ears will thank you…

I’m finished now. I hope it was good for you.

I’m only a few months away from my 3rd anniversary at F3 and it’s daily impact is visible to me everyday. From my body, my mind, my milestones, my relationship with my kids and wife and the endless friendships is something that is really special. You don’t have to track your Qs but you shouldn’t forget where you were or where you are trying to go. It’s great motivation to keep going. If you aren’t setting goals, who is holding you accountable to improve?

Take advantage of the leadership we are surrounded by every morning. You aren’t alone in weight loss, marriage issues, anxiety and really anything you might be struggling with. No matter how big or how small, find a pax to talk to. I haven’t met one who isn’t willing to listen. Personal progress is way more than posting at the 1st F.

This BB is all over the place. I’m just excited to be here fellas and hope everyone is pushing everyday to new limits. See you all in the gloom soon…


• Downtown Waxhaw Clean up this Saturday at 8am!! Will take about 20-30mins and then coffeeteria at Crossroads. This is M and 2.0 friendly.

• WTF – running trails CSAUP, get details at COT but numbers are ramping up

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