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VQ like a Veteran


Mosey to back parking lot and circle up for 20x SSH, IW, get into a plank for stretching with can opener/runners stretch.   Then 15 slow merkins (4 count, descend on 1-2-3).

The Thang

Run one lap around the school stopping at each corner to do 5 merkins.  A little confusion on exactly what defined a corner, but a few extra merkins didn’t hurt anyone.

Next, mosey to the rock pile and partner up.  One rock per pair, rifle carry to the track – swapping rock half-way with your partner.

At the track, P1 runs a lap, P2 does exercise.  Exercises as a team all with the rock: 100 Bentover rows, 50 burpees, 100 squats.  On paper this didn’t look too bad, but halfway through those burpees (with the rock) and my heart rate was in the red zone.   Some 2.0s finished early and occupied themselves on the swings.   As PAX wrapped up we did some flutters and LBCs to the end.  That was harder than expected for such a simple routine.

Rifle carry rocks back to the pile for our last round.  P1 holds a plank, P2 runs one leg of a suicide to the cones.  Partners alternate each lap of the suicide.  The cones didn’t seem that far apart initially, but that added up too.  We had just enough time to return to COT and knock out a few Big Boys.


About a month ago, Johnny 5 was there when SpeedBump Q’d a complete workout at Clyent Dinner.  Johnny 5 commented afterward that now he really didn’t have any excuse to not Q, as SpeedBump is literally half his age.  So with the April Q challenge I reminded him about SpeedBump and let him know he’s on the schedule and there’s no backing out.  He wasn’t happy, and he didn’t start on his Wienke until about an hour before, but it was a solid plan.  I gave him a few pointers about transitioning and being prepared for calling an audible, but it went without an issue and he had a very successful VQ.  Does this mean he’s going to Q again really soon?  Let’s put the pressure on him to step up again as he did so well the first time.

Thanks to all the SOB & Waxhaw PAX who came out, many with their 2.0s to support this young man’s VQ.  It made me proud as a dad and as a member of F3 and as it was so cool to see the support for him.  I’m feeling the love.   Sorry to Midriff & Wingman I didn’t get your 2.0s names, hopefully they’re not bummed for not getting credit.


• Downtown Waxhaw Clean up this Saturday at 8am!! Will take about 20-30mins and then coffeeteria at Crossroads. This is M and 2.0 friendly.

• WTF – running trails CSAUP, get details at GroupMe or Slack – 40+ now registered

• SOB Wars – Stone Chicken Episode 1  on 4/24.  Starts at 5PM if you’re doing the whole thing, but joining mid-way is an option for the less insane ambitious


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