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Where did all these guys come from!?

This was the first time I have q’d the hour long Saturday workout, and I apologize for the long awaited write up here, but this is seriously the first hour I may have been home this weekend… Yes, Sunday at 9pm!!! from a 6:30 saturday Commitment that was nearly forgot about and ghosted since the alarm had been set for PM! I roll up and there are a ton of cars……But no Pax, WTF is going on? the only other pax was Popeye! well, apparently there may have been a WTF tune up or something going on that the rest of us may have been unaware of. All in total, we had 2 Ruckers, 9 for commitment, and 8 doing WhaterverTF they were doing +1.5?!


DiCC’s called out… Quick mosey around and back to COT…. Wow, that was a great workout! Just kidding, we circled for Centerfold who came in on two wheels.

  • Moroccan Night Club 20IC
  • Calf Stretch/Up/Down dog
  • SSH 20IC
  • IW 20IC
  • Potato Pickers 20IC


Head to the Rock pile near the School, do 2-3 exercises then a long loop around the school lot

  • Blockees x9
  • Hammers 18 2=1
  • Lung Twist 20 1=1
  • Curls 35
  • Hernias 20
  • Squat Thrust 20
  • Tris 30
  • Chest press 35
  • Row 20

Finish up then head to the Club house playground stopping at every other driveway on the left alternating 5 Merkins and 5 Speed Skaters 2=1.

At the Clubhouse playground pair up 200 each of Dips/LBC/pullups/Step ups one runs, the other plays.

Finish up, head to the trail shortcut heading back to COT…..Wait, whats that? Who’s that? Where’d they come from? Where they going? the WTF’s just flew by us…. We stopped at the circle where each pax called out an Ab workout (too many to remember) then more Pax showed up Rucking!

Back to COT where we now have a Doubled group!



My musical choice was going real well until Rage Against the Machine’s “Killing in the Name of” came on… but either way, it can be a treat to have some tunes on occasion to help get things going. I did get made fun of AGAIN by Goodfella.. Not for my Utility clip, but the Warmups being written on QB wrist holder… To be honest, I may have been able to wing it, but like to be somewhat prepared in case i engage in a little too heavy of a night prior.

As stated before, I hadn’t led the hour long workout in the past, so I was a bit worried at first, but the guys were all good with what I had in Store.

As always, its great to get out an lead the group, especially when the weather is so fantastic, cant wait to get at it again in May.


Welcome FNG Michael Wilfong -Peekaboo Originally from Union cty in Indian trail. 2 kids, one on the way. Works in Real Estate in Waxhaw, loves the outdoors, went to App state and Deadwood brought him out but Ghosted him! Peekaboo as he has the kids all under 6.. Initially asked if the name is Permanent?!?!  Hes asking ME???? If it werent permanent, id have been changed long ago brother!

WTF May 1st 6:30 Blackhawk.. 13 miles per on a 3 Man team with Saturday Convergence. Kid Rock cooking up some good eats..

Need Q’s for Commitment

Blood Drive Sat June 19th

Ghosted Took us out… Man, some of you guys are just so good it seems scripted.. Way to take us out!

Better late then never, Now I can sleep… Sorry, not even gonna edit.. Sorry for grammatical errors.

Good Night!



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