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Express Hit the Trails


Warm-up Run 1.5 miles

The Thang

Spirit Trail 5k pace x 5 w/ 90/120 rest

Lost Easy Button after the second round due to twisting his ankle.  Glidah carried him out.

Beetle took a tumble

Cool Down Run 1.0 – 1.25 miles


The morning started of with who hasn’t Q this month?  Good Fella was Qing Thursday and everyone else had except for Beetle who was an FNG yesterday.  He gladly stepped up to help lead with some guidance.

Mumble chatter consisted of should I refinance, take out equity, housing market.  There was also some complaining about getting mud on shoes.  Soft!

In COT he shared a quick story about where he’s at today and something the really inspired him to reflect on his own life.  I encourage you all to take a look at this story.

Bottlecap taking us out like a pro.


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