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Alphabet Soup

Sardine showed up at The Body Shop with his “Smoky’s Whiteboard” that had the alphabet with set exercises and reps for each letter. 5 PAX cursed their parents for the hospital names they were given while 1 other PAX took great joy in the 5 letters total in his first and last name. William was not a good name to have based on the number of back to back leg exercises it required, and a few others had similar results. It’s like Sardine ran some intense analytics against common names and piled similar exercises together for added punishment.

Happy Baby made it back to back after his debut the day before, so great to meet him. We still don’t get the name and he doesn’t either, but it sounds terrible. High Hat made his Body Shop debut to support his happy friend and we welcome him to come back. Big Tuna can turn on the keys for sprints with sneaky speed, and if not fit his middle name, would have been quite content with the alphabet, too. And Waterboy pushed it, enjoyed his name, and took notes on the board so we might see it in his upcoming VQ!

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