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Hi WAMRAP, Abe Froman here

YHC had been haranguing Transporter to come be part of the ‘Rap for several weeks, and was confident today was the day he would show up.  Sure enough, as YHC jogged up to the launch point, ‘Porter and Dasher were among the PAX assembled for the weekly bad idea.  If you caught the fact YHC jogged in, it is because I had planned a special surprise for our visitors from Waxhaw, and the regular attendees had to suffer as well, but more on that in a minute.  By 0528, there were seven of us gathered ’round and guesses were abounding as to why my was not present.  By 0530 Poptart and Turkeyleg had arrived on two wheels, and we were off.


Mosey to the third floor of the deck where, surprise surprise, the truck was waiting with a bed full of coupons.  Each PAX got a friend for the duration of the workout, ranging from a 30 lbs. ruck plate up to a 20 kg olympic plate.

From the bottom of the ramp to 4, 10 lunge walks each leg, carrying the coupon

Return to bottom of ramp with coupon in Overhead Carry position

10 overhead press with the coupon

Run to the top of the ramp for 1 burpee (the burpee was a “counter rep” so it escalates by 1 each round)

Down the stairs and over to the wall for 10 dips, 10 split squats each leg

Run across to the bottom of the far stairs.  2 hand release bird dog merkins (at the top of the merkin raise opposite hand & foot).  this was the second “counter” set, so escalate by 2 each round

Run up to 3 and back to your coupon…. Rinse and repeat until 0608

Regather at the truck and head back to the launch point at which point we had 5 minutes remaining, circle up for… ABE FROMAN (Each PAX planks and then one PAX starts a series of sequential merkins, 1 each all the way around the circle, then 2, then 3 etc.  If you come out of plank or can’t complete a rep, you’re out).  We made it to 9 before we ran out of time and YHC, OT and the Waxhawns were still going strong.



*YHC should have thought ahead on coupons instead of just randomly handing them out of the back of the truck, Dasher and Transporter both could have benefitted from heavier coupons than the 35# plates they ended up with.  This surely was why they left everyone in the dust… yeah, thats it.

*OT didn’t care for the heavy plate he was given, and swapped for a 35# KB after the first set #veteranmove

*EE on the other hand rocked the 20 kg weight the entire ‘Rap and stayed with the pack so kudos dude

*Once again it was the story of the leaders and the pack, tho this week the minimal running and leg heavy format found TL in the pack vs. out front.

*This was the first appearance of the “Traveling Circus of Pain” since the coupons were put away over a year ago at the beginning of COVID.  I don’t believe the PAX were happy to see the coupons, but the coupons were happy to see them.  Nothing shared, yet, but that time is a coming!

*YHC ended up with a 40 lbs. slam ball and realized pretty quickly during the lunge walks that switching shoulders half way through made a huge difference.  Crazy what just a little extra weight can do.

*WAMRAP is usually a pretty upper body focused workout, so the intent today was to really torch the legs.  Mission accomplished as YHC was barely able to climb the stairs when I got home #selfsmoked

*No ALF or McGee today, so a good chance for others to lead the way, and lead they did.  A shorter circuit meant Transporter and Dasher finished the 8th set while the rest got 7.  BURLY



-Stone-chicken CSAUP this Saturday, see Tuck for details.  2 bootcamps and over 13 miles if you do the whole thing

-Waxhaw Trailfest on 5/1, should be a good time.  Sounds like 60+ PAX from 7 regions are coming down for this incredible relay race event.  See Pre-blast, Dasher, Kid Rock, or Tuck for additional details.

-F3 Functional Fitness Challenge on 5/22. KB Centric event focused on measuring how burly you are.  See Pre-blast or High Tide for details.




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