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Uprange to PWW

I’ve been wanting to try out Prestige World Wide (PWW) in Metro for  a while.  Sometimes they run the muthaship, so was hoping it was one of those mornings.  It was not.  So, I posted at 5:30am at the Dowd YMCA uptown this morning.

Here is my recap:



Opening Mosey


Circle back for the Six

Wait for others and do Mary

Cross streets together

Yell “car back”

run on sidewalks

Cross at lights

Wear headlamps

Don’t drop other pax during the workout

Wait for dropped pax to return before counting off and name o rama


That being said, it was a great workout, very tough and challenging.  Multiple parking decks and running through South End is awesome.  If you want to go to a workout that starts, continues, and finishes like Ice9 at Floater last year, this is your workout.  Buckle up and have fun, these guys are fast.

Mad Dog and Zin, don’t go to this workout, your head would explode.

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